How To Make Camera Quality Better On Android

In this article, everyone will know how to make camera quality better. Today’s generation tends to take pictures on handphones rather than Handycam. The reason is Android, or the iPhone offers a full bundle of features. No need to spend a penny on an extra Handycam for photography. Even the features of the phone camera are the same as a DSLR.

Besides, it is easy to carry and keep in a pocket, bag, or purse. If you buy good qualities Android, you also get a camera along with it. However, not everyone knows how to capture a wonderful picture. Many people don’t know how to utilize all the features of his camera as well. It’s not a hard task, either.

How To Make Camera Quality Better On Android

10 Tips How to Improve Your Photography

Practice makes a man perfect! If you are a new photographer, practice first. Before that, you must have a high-resolution camera. Besides, you must know all the settings of your camera.

So, we are here to share all the details of your Android features. So, have a look at how to make camera quality better:

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1.   Understand The Camera Settings

When you first take the phone everything is auto set up there. This is called default settings. But you can change the settings anytime according to your choice. And it is better to change the Phone camera settings during photography. It will help to improve picture quality.

However, every phone has different settings. But in most of the phones, few settings are the same, and a user can control them. Such as exposure, ISO, focus, white background, etc. By changing the option, anyone can take such a wonderful picture. But change the setting in accordance with your photographic environment.

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2.   Increase The Resolution

The higher the resolution of a camera, the better the picture is. When you buy an Android phone, buy the highest resolution featured Phone. The photo with high resolution looks very sharp and clear. Even if you shot the video, the graphics look very stunning. iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei P40, etc offer the highest resolution camera.

One more important thing is to try to capture the object from close up except zooming. When you zoom in the picture is taken with poor resolution. But when you take a close up shot, the photo is captured with better quality.

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3.   Capture From Back Camera

You can take pictures from both the back and front cameras. But the pictures are taken from the back camera always gives a better view. The reason is the back camera is more functional and has high resolution than the front camera. Even you may notice on Android phones that the backside has three cameras. This is the upgraded features of an Android handset, and many brands have this advantage.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot take a picture from in front. Download the Frontback app to take photos of both the front and backside. Then you will have a better resolution and quality picture.

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4.   Take Care of Camera Lenses

Have you ever thought of cleaning your camera lenses? When you use a DSLR, you take care of your camera lenses. But you easily ignore the lenses of Android phones. Android phone cameras also need maintenance. These become dirty when you keep them in a pocket or desk. There might be dirt or fingerprints.

So, wipe out the lenses with a cotton or soft cloth daily. At least clean them when you go to take photos. So there will be no scratch on lenses, and the images will be more pretty. Apart from this, you can attach extra lenses to your Phone camera for more effect.

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5.   Get a Camera App

Your phone camera has limited options and features. In contrast, a camera app can provide numerous opportunities and modes. The apps consist of lots of features, usually. If you want some additional option, those apps you should try. You can download the apps from the Play Store easily.

However, ProCapture is a camera app for Android devices with additional modes and features. There are other apps available for Android and iOS available. Download the app and check whether those are effective or not. The apps are upgraded from time to time with new filters, modes, options, and settings. Give it a try!

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6.   Picture Editing Application

More or less, everyone uses photo editing software. Even in phone settings, there are basic picture editing options. So, anyone who wants an improved and edited picture install a photo editing app first. Your taken picture could be not good, but you can make it a fabulous picture by editing. You can make a dark photo into a glowing photo. You can give special effects to your ordinary photo.

Even you can change filters and add many features to the picture. Pixlr Express, Snapseed, VSCO Cam, etc are some picture editing software. The app works for video editing and photoshop both.

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7.   Be Helped With Camera Stand

It’s not possible to bear a camera for a long time while shooting in hand. Even the stability is a great problem during video shots. So, this issue can be solved by tripods and monopods. Carry a camera stand for video or steel picture shots. It will give you a stable and fantastic view as professional touch.

Before that everyone should know the difference between tripods and monopods. Tripods are used for video shooting. You can set your camera in tripods and capture steel pictures. The camera can move around without shaking. Besides, monopods are used for selfies. Both the stands are portable and manageable.

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8.   Use Natural Lights

Lighting is the main thing during photography. Without proper lighting, your captured photo can not be so good. The right balance of light makes pictures more natural and attractive. So, before shooting, make sure your object has sufficient light. Try always to use natural lights.

For example, taking a picture in the day time, you won’t need extra light. But you may need to arrange additional light for night shooting. So, you must know how to adjust lights as well. It is better not to use flashlights because it is excessive illumination. Increase the power of ISO and exposure option of your phone instead. Moreover, anyone can try a Night Camera application for night photography.

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9.   Composition Rules

One must know what composition rules are, different angles, focus frames, etc for impeccable photography. A tiny object may look bigger in photography. An unrealistic object may seem real in photography. That’s how we see professional photography and movies on screen. Those are nothing but tricks!

So, it would be best if you understood some basic rules of photography. Pick a different angle while taking a picture. Use frames, special effects, and focus on the object. It will differentiate the photo and disclose the inner meaning of the picture. Length is also a vital element for photography. Go closer for a far object and take a proportional picture.

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10.   Burst Mode

Suppose you are in a nice place and want to take pictures of the entire environment. It is boring and irritating to click continuously. But new features of Android phone burst mode can rescue you. Burst Mode is also called sports mode, shooting mode, etc.

By holding the click button, the camera can take continuous pictures in a second. You only need to move around the camera. Then just keep the best pictures and delete others’ pictures. This Burst Mode can be found in apps. Besides, get external storage on your phone. SD card, Memory card, etc for instance. Photos cannot be saved without enough storage.

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Android High-Resolution Camera

Whenever you buy gadgets, always be updated. Old Is Gold doesn’t go with gadgets, though! Apart from this, the latest version of the well-reputed brand offers some extraordinary featured cameras. They are not just amazing, you can shoot a short film as well. So, here are some lists of Android phones with their fabulous cameras. However, prices may seem high for the models below. But a quality product never comes with a low budget.

iPhone 11 (Pro)

  • Main camera- 12MP.
  • Ultra-wide- 12MP.
  • Front camera- 12MP.
  • Video quality- 4K 60fps.
  • Dimensions- 144×71.4×8.1mm.

Samsung Galaxy (S20 Ultra)

  • Main camera- 108MP.
  • Telephoto- 48MP.
  • Ultra wide- 12MP.
  • Front camera- 40MP+40MP.
  • Dimensions- 166.9x76x8.8 mm.
  • video quality- 4K 60fps.

Huawei P40 Pro

  • Main camera- 50MP.
  • Ultra-wide- 40MP.
  • Front camera- 32MP.
  • Telephoto- 12MP.
  • Dimensions- 158.2×72.6x9mm.
  • Video quality- 4K 60fps.

Google Pixel (4 XL)

  • Main camera- 12.2MP.
  • Telephoto- 16MP.
  • Front camera- 8MP.
  • Dimensions- 147.1×68.8×8.2mm.
  • Video Quality- 4K 30fps.

Final Word

Photography is an art! So, do it passionately. Pictures say more than a word. This is another language that can be understood by everyone. Therefore, learn first about Photography and practice well.

You may not have knowledge about the settings, apps, and composition rules as explained above. Hence have a glance at them and improve your photography by applying the method. Even it will enhance the camera quality as well.

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