All I do Is Play Video Games and Work-Good and Bad

All I do is play video games and work, now question is that is it good or bad? Video games are way much fun to play. I mean, I was a video game addict a few years back, and my younger brother is currently a game addict as well. I know video games are good for having fun and get rid of boredom. But, it also costs your valuable time that you can invest in something good.

All I do is play video games and work

At the same time, many studies suggest that playing games too much can cause health issues.

All I do is play video games and work

Is Playing Video Games All Day Bad?

You play video games all day. It generally refreshes your mind. But, it’s causing various issues in your life.

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Consumes Too Much Time

If you play video games all day, then you’re wasting your time that you can spend to do something useful that can further benefit you. But, you are playing games, and you can’t focus that time on your life, work, and family at all. Honestly, my younger brother plays “PUBG” a lot, and he isn’t focusing on his studies, social life, and anything at all, all thanks to his habit of playing games.

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Reduces Life Expectancy

A study conducted by Australian Diabetes, Obesity, and Lifestyle: If you are above 25 years old, every hour of your watching television and playing games in front of the screen reduces the life expectancy of viewers by 21.8 minutes.

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Poor Sleep

No matter what kind of great screen you are using to play games, it will cause poor sleep. That means your poor sleep is linked with your screen. At the same time, it also reduces functional IQ and causes weight gain, depression, heart disease, etc.

Vision Problems

Video games, more specifically screens, can messed-up up your vision and can cause various vision-related problems. Some of the problems that you could encounter if you play video games all day are eye strain, blurred vision, back pain, headaches, etc.

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Good Sides of Playing Video Games

Well, if you play all day, then it will cause problems. But, if you play video games for a limited amount of time, then it’s actually fun and not that bad.

Connected to Inner Child

We all know that focusing on work too much makes life boring and dull. So, if you are working too much lately, then you should play a video game to fresh-up your mind. Trust me; it will make your boredom go away.

However, various studies showed that adults who play video games are happier than those who don’t play games.

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Stress Relief

In our adulthood, we often encounter problems, and that creates stress for us. Some of the most stressful things about adulthood are student loans to pay, paying bills, securing jobs, etc. These things give me huge stress.

Now, most people want to relax to reduce stress. In that case, video games can help a lot to make your stress go away.

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Creativity and Imagination

If you play video games, and then you know you are exposed to greater creativity. It doesn’t matter it’s a realistic video game or imaginative, you will be able to use your imagination to put yourself in the mindset of your character and their world is a highly stimulating and creative exercise for your brain as well.

Balance Perspective

One of the reasons for the adults who play video games is happier because they have a more balanced perspective on life. So, rather than totally being consumed by work and your bills, you can work and play after some games to get a better perspective.

Best Way to Spend Time with Spouse or Friends

If you feel bored with your spouse or friends, then you should definitely consider playing video games with them. It’s a great way to pass your time and have fun. There are various types of games that you can play on an Xbox or PS4. At the same time, it helps you strengthen your relationship with your spouse or friends.


Lastly, I would like to tell you that video games are a stress reliever and mind freshener. But, if you put too much time on video games, then it will harm your health and life. So, play games for a limited amount of time.

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