Best Computer Games for 1 GB RAM

If you don’t know the best computer games for 1 GB RAM you should consider this list. Does anyone remember the early period video games that we used to play on Windows XP? The standard of graphics and design of the games were not so high. But those were the center of attraction at that time. The games became very popular, and later a new series was published of the older one.

 Even now, many seculars are publishing! So, what about introducing the earlier games in a new way? We have picked up ten outstanding computer games for 1 GB Ram. Hope that those could inspire many game lovers to play the games again.

Shooting, action, adventure, horror, racing, crime, etc. A game lover will find all types of games. The games were fabulous then and still now.

Best Computer Games for 1 GB RAM

10 Best Computer Games for 1 GB Ram

Technology has been updated a lot in this modern era. The game software also has upgraded. The more features of a game, the more space it requires. 1 GB Ram too etiquette to have a high graphics and featured game.

But we have sorted out a few old low graphics but popular games here. Have a look at these:

1.    Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 game is the sequel of the first edition of the Far Cry game. It is an action featured multi-tasking game. The fictitious game was made as realistic for action lovers by Ubisoft Montreal. However, the game is most likely favored by young and teenage boys. They will be able to use a couple of vehicles and numerous weapons here. Boats, cars, trucks, hang gliders, for example.

The game-loving people may enjoy the game and have an adventure in African forests and deserts. So, anyone would like to download the game. It requires less space, only 1 GB.

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Genre: Action, Adventure.

Release Date: 2008.

2.    Trackmania 2

Trackmania 2

A highly featured car racing game designed by Nadeo. It is mainly the second series of Trackmania 1. But still, it can arouse the thriller experience among Trackmania loving players. It is also an adventure game. Players can use multiple cars and will be able to perform dazzling stunts.

Moreover, the second sequel of the game comes with updated components than the first edition. There will be different modes as the first edition, and players can choose that. However, racing game lovers can download the game for entertainment. The low storage required game is the fabulous game ever.

Genre: Racing, Adventure, Arcade.

Release Date: 2011

3.    GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City

Tommy Vercetti, a mobster, escapes from a prison van, and the story begins from then. Tommy Vercetti actually hired thugs who committed many crimes for money. The mission of the games is just incredible. You will find car/bike race, weapon collection, bomb blast, killing or saving game characters. It is the most adventurous game at the same time, a thrilling game as well.

The plot of the game took place in a fictional city named Vice City. GTA has been released in several versions and always remains in the top chart of action games. It is an 18+ game and highly recommended to download.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime.

Release Date: 2011

4.    Dead Island

Dead Island

Dead Island is a horror survival video game marketed by Deep Silver. It is a Windows game, but other versions are also available. OS X, Linux, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for instances. The first series of the game is Dead Island, and another series has been released until 2016. The 1 GB total space required game is an all-time favorite for all ages people.

In this game, four playable characters will be trying to survive from zombies attack. And also, the character will try to escape from Banoi, a fictitious island. However, the settings of the game are designed so really anyone can shiver of fear.

Genre: Survival, Zombies.

Release Date: 2007

5.    Road Rash

Road Rash

Anyone might be nostalgic by hearing the name of Road Rash. There is hardly anyone who didn’t play the game. This 90s game is in the heart of today’s generation as well. Road Rash is quite different from other racing games. There are many sequel releases of this game, but the concept is always the same.

The graphics are only updated. However, Road Rash is a bike racing game among around fourteen other racers. The racers commit illegal action against another to reach the finishing point. In this game, a player can choose different players, locations, and distances to drive.

This is one of the popular games of the 90s. Still, anyone may find the same feelings to play the game.

Genre: Bike racing.

Release Date: 2000.

6.    Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

The main protagonist of the game is an unnamed prince from Persia. Who is assisted by another princess Farah. The game has been given a historical and ancient concept. The game is mainly controlled by a player. The player can move the prince, perform an action, and complete many puzzles. The game is all about fighting against monsters, jumping, running, climbing, and acrobat performance.

This game also has other series, and all became popular. The Prince of Persia, which was released in 2003, requires low space. So, anyone can install and play the old version. The old version still hunts the memory of many players.

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Genre: Action and Adventure.

Release Date: 2003.

7.    Call of Duty: 2

Call of Duty: 2

Higher rating and widely famous Call of Duty: 2 was released in 2005 with more features. It is mainly a shooting game, and a player has to face new challenges every moment. The game plot is designed like World War 2. There are three campaign modes with four soldiers. Red Army, US Army, and British Army, for instance.

There are 27 missions in total, and the story is divided into three parts. However, the game got many positive reviews and praise for its graphics, sounds, etc. So, who still remembers this game? It is an outstanding spare time game all time.

Genre: Shooting, Action Game.

Release Date: 2005.

8.    Mafia II

Mafia II

Mafia is a crime based action video game that was released in 2010. The game has been made available for Windows, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. The story plot took place in the era of the 50s. The cities are designed following the cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, etc.

So, the storyline involved antagonist of the American mafia and Vito Scaletta, the protagonist. Who commits many crimes and struggles to increase his power. This game will be enjoyable for those who like action and fighting games. This is a low storage game, only 1 GB.  So, try it out now!

Genre: Action, Shooting.

Release Date: 2010.

9.   Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is an action survival and adventure video game. The story is about a player surviving from zombies. Where people turn into zombies due to a pandemic outbreak. The four struggle to survive from feral creatures. The entire game involves escaping from a zombie attack and finding a safe place.

In this game, a player can use weapons like firearms. They can throw objects to repulse. It’s a horror, adventure, and thrilling game. A player will face difficult challenges throughout the game. So, have a try and download for your PC. It is a lightweight game.

Genre: Survival, Zombie, action.

Release Date: 2008.

10. NFS Underground

NFS Underground

It’s a sports car racing game released by Electronic Arts. This is the first schedule of NFS Underground. In this game, a player will take a race with their customized sports cars. They can customize their car by brand name, look, speed, etc. Race commerce in a fictional city called Olympic city.

However, the city was designed with the view of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The sound, graphics, and exotic racing cars lead to the release of NFS Underground 2. It was a successful video game at that time and played by millions of players worldwide.

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Genre: Racing.

Release Date: 2003.

How To Download the best computer games for 1 GB RAM

There are several ways to install PC games. You can download your game online and offline both. In recent times there are so many game websites you can directly install from the site. Some websites allow downloading for free.

On the other hand, you can install games from the CD game. That was quite popular, and almost everyone is familiar with this method. So, here a few processes will be discussed and apply any of the processes you like.

How To Install From CD Games

Game CDs are available in the market. There are lots of games available under one CD. So, buying one CD, you may have lots of games. Even it is quite easy and allows downloading offline. Now have a look at that points below:

  • Insert the CD Game you want to install into Disc Drive and wait until the prompt appears on the Computer screen.
  • When the prompt shows up, you may see many games on the screen. Move your mouse over the games.
  • There are several options you can see. The options are Star a game, install or load the game. It is better to install the game onto your PC. then you don’t need to insert CD all time to play any game.
  • Select the load or install game option the video game you want to download.
  • Then click on the license agreement before downloading. Without selecting Yes, you cannot download any game.
  • Before installing, read all the information about the game. When you click any game all information will appear on the screen.
  • Make sure you have enough space to download also.
  • Then type code if it requires any code before downloading. The code you may find in the CD Case or packet. Then click next.
  • It will ask to select the installation mode Standard or Complete. Click Standard mode for low space usage. The Complete mode takes wide spaces. After selecting the mode, your game will start to download.
  • Please wait until it finishes downloading. It will take a few minutes. That’s it! The game is into your Computer.
  • Take out the CD from Disc Drive. This way, you can download a game anytime you want.

How To Install From Game Website

You can find lots of paid and free game websites to download any games. It depends on you which type of website you prefer. For payment based games, you must pay before downloading the specific game.

For free installation, there are also many sites available. Top chart games also can be downloaded for free. So, here are the procedure of downloading games from the website:

  • Go to a web browser like google and type the game name you want to download. Road Rash Download for free, for example. You may be navigated to websites like Amazon or Stream.
  • Search your favorite game there and click on the game. A new window will pop up. You will see the details of the game on the new window.
  • As the website is a payment base, you will need to pay before install. Sign up with your details on the websites you like. Then you will be able to purchase any game.
  • Click on the game to purchase, and that will show the game is into your cart.
  • Make payment with your bank card debit or credit card. Put your card details on the online form for a transaction. After a successful transaction, the game will be made available for you.
  • Then click on the download button to install the game. If there are any windows pop up, click yes or next button. Then the game will start to download. If the file is large, it will take time to download. It depends on internet speed how long it may take to install, though.
  • So here you go! The game is installed successfully. You may find the game in the download folder or desktop.

For free download, the procedure is almost the same. Type Road Rash Download for free in search engines. Many free windows you can see there. But all websites are not the right site for downloading. That many contain viruses also. My Abandonware, IGN, Steamgifts GOG, Humble Bundle, etc.

These are the websites that give away paid video games. So, visit the website of the games and search for your games. You may have top rated games there for free. So, always be updated with the websites when it gives away games legally and free.

So, you have to open an account on these websites as well to be a regular member. Then the downloading procedure is the same as paid websites. The only difference is you don’t need to pay for this.

In a Nutshell

The games included above are the best games ever. For the new generation player, the games may like low quality. But the next series of the games were designed and released with the inspiration from the first part.

Moreover, the games require only 1 GB of space, graphics cards. So, install the best computer games for 1 GB Ram. However, other games from the early stage Saboteur, Blur, GTA San Andreas, F1 2012, Fifa 14, etc.

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