How to Enjoy Video Games Again with Old Games

I am a gamer, and I almost spend most of my time playing games. This way, I become tired of one game pretty quickly. As a result, I have to play those games again until new games come. However, old games aren’t that fun to play. But, I use certain tips that allow me to enjoy video games again with old games. Now, I am sharing those tips with you.

How to Enjoy Video Games Again

7 Tips to Enjoy Your Games Again

Follow these tips to enjoy your games again:

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1. No Minimap

One of the most effective ways to enjoy your old games is to remove minimap. Now, removing the minimap on an open-world game will force you to rely on the open-world to place yourself. However, most of the open-world games come with many visual landmarks, and it’s not that hard to get around. Besides, this way you will be able to enjoy your games more.

If you completely rely on your memory and eyes on the games, then you will be able to find yourself in the world around you.

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2. Limited Weapons

If you are a gamer, you know that most of the action games have game-breaking ultra-weapons. Those weapons are very powerful and allow gamers to win easily. But, if you use that kind of firepower, then your games will be boring and trivial, which is an issue for open-world games that continues once the story ends.

Now, to enjoy more and counter your over-powers, you should try playing the games with more limited weapons. In that case, handguns or a bow and arrow will do the work. You can also try to play games without any weapons if it’s possible.

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3. Permadeath

You can also use this idea to make your game exciting. You just have to use one life. If you die, then it’s over; delete your save and try the game again from the beginning. Now, this will make your time with your game seem energetic and terrifying at the same time that you have never experienced before. If everything went according to play, then the game will feel new to you.

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4. Limited Healing

Almost all the games feature the healing ability of the characters of the game. Now, if you can heal easily on the game, then it won’t be too challenging for you. Eventually, you will lose interest. So, you should try to use the limited healing ability. In the meantime, you can also try not to use the healing power and complete the game. This way, the game would be much more challenging and interesting. If you need healing, then you can use only manual healing to restore your health.

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5. No Leveling Up

Almost all gamers put their best on the game at the very start. That is because it’s hard to win, and they struggle a lot. But, after some time, gamers earn XP, and they level up. This way, they unlock many abilities of their character. However, it becomes boring after you level up.

That’s why I am recommending you stop leveling up and play your game. At the same time, play your game with only the most basic tools. I am assuring you it would be great for your second-time play.

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6. Change the Language

Many games were made by developers who don’t speak English as their first language. So, if you are going to play the game of yours again, then you should play it in the native language of the developers. It would be more challenging, or you even find the voice actor who gave the voice of the character interesting as well.

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7. Limit Your Travel Options

You have seen in many games that they have maps that allow characters to jump all over the game. At the same time, it saves time and lets the gamer to jump from mission to mission. If you play the game the first time, then it’s effective. But, if you want to enjoy that game again, then you should limit your travel options. Moreover, you should also travel only by bicycle or on foot to explore more and enjoy the game.


I hope these tips will help you enjoy video games again. I personally use these techniques to have fun with my games. Now, if you have any better way, then share it with me in the comment.

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