How to play Xbox games on PC

Xbox is the brand of a video game of Microsoft. It is a series of video games, and the latest generation is the eighth generation. As a game lover, you may want to know how to play Xbox games on PC. Yes, you can easily play these game consoles on your computer. However, Xbox games are now top-rated throughout the world.

How to play Xbox games on PC

How to get Xbox games on PC

To get Xbox games on PC, you need to buy the Xbox console. However, an Xbox console contains controller, HDMI cable, power brick and cable, Kinect camera, etc. After having them, you need to download the latest version of the Xbox app on your PC.

You can get it from the Microsoft website. Thus, you can enjoy most of the best games in a place whenever you want. So, for game lovers, Xbox games are a great source of games. Besides, with the console, your friends or family members can also enjoy the games.

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How to download Xbox games on PC

Xbox game is a vast massive library of games for you. You can play games anywhere you want. The digital ecosystem of Microsoft is a fantastic thing for game lovers. For your windows computer, you can easily download Xbox games.

However, you can download Xbox games via Play Anywhere of Microsoft. When you buy the Xbox console, you will get a free copy of it. For example, if you buy the Xbox One, you will get the PC version free to download the games. Use the live account of the Xbox console and then choose the games you want to buy. So, connect the device to the internet and then download and install the games.

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How to play Xbox one games on PC without console

You cannot play Xbox One games on PC without a console. But the new initiative named Xbox anywhere comes as the PC version of the games. But you will get it only when you buy the Xbox one game. Besides, you can play an Xbox game on your PC without console when you use Xbox anywhere and have the game pass.

On the other hand, you can use your PC to play Xbox one games by connecting it to the same network of Xbox console. For this, go to the main menu of the Xbox one and tap the Settings option. Under it, you will find Preferences. Here you need to click on “Allow game streaming to other devices” option.

After that, you have to launch the Xbox app on your PC. Then from the menu bar, connect the computer to the console and then get the games on your PC. And the last thing you have to do is connect the Xbox controller to the PC through the USB port.

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How to play Xbox games on PC without Xbox

You can play Xbox games on PC without Xbox console only when you download the Xbox anywhere digital games on your Windows 10 PC from the Microsoft Store or Xbox store. However, for this, you need not pay any additional costs. To play the Xbox game on your computer, you have to install the latest Anniversary version of Windows 10. You need to log in to the Microsoft account or the Xbox live to download the game for Xbox Play Anywhere.

Actually, the games available for Xbox anywhere are the PC version of the games. You can play the games such as Gears of War 4, ReCore, Resident Evil 7, Forza Horizon 3, Everyplace, Astroneer, Fable Fortune, etc. For Windows 10 computer, after download, you will find the game in My Library. One thing for Xbox Anywhere is that you will not get so many games here like Xbox Play.

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How to play Xbox games on PC without a controller

If you want to play Xbox games on PC without a controller, it is quite possible. With your mouse and keyboard, you can control some matters such as an app, chat, etc. It is better to use a third-party adapter to play the game faster. We know that the mouse and keyboard are not an excellent choice to play games. In this case, the adapter is the best option though it is expensive. Here, I find ways to play Xbox games without a controller.

  • If you want to control Xbox games without a controller, you need to have an Xbox app with the Xbox One. By this app, you can make chat, update your activity, see the promo of the games, buy more games, etc. For this, you need the same WiFi network. But with this app, you will get limited games. Only the basic games are available in this app to control with the keyboard.
  • Using a mouse and keyboard, you can play Xbox games on your computer without a controller. Only some games are hard to control with these tools.
  • Besides, you can use a third-party dongle to connect the mouse and keyboard to the Xbox One. It is the only right way to play Xbox games without a controller. But the adapters are not cheap. However, you can connect the adapter to the Xbox One console via a USB. Then connect the mouse and keyboard to the adapter. Thus, the adapter translates the input from these two tools into the Xbox language to control the games. Besides, it allows you to create your desired shortcut keys for commands while playing the games.

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How to play Xbox games on PC with the disc

You can use the Xbox emulator to play Xbox games on PC with the disk. If you have some Xbox games on a disc and want to play them without the console, it is impossible. For this, you need an emulator that can help you to run the Xbox games. However, there are many options on different websites such as Xenia emulator, Xeon emulator, etc. Now choose an emulator and then download and install it. To do this, follow the instruction below:

  • Download the Zip file of the program and then extract it.
  • Now run the file as an administrator to install it.
  • After installing the emulator, click on it to open it.
  • Then download the games from the disc and install it on the emulator.
  • Now enjoy your games.

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How to play installed games on Xbox one without disc

It is a better decision to play and install games on Xbox one without disc. You can easily purchase the Xbox games online, and then you can directly install the games on the hard drive. But if you install the games from a disc, you need the disc every time while playing the games. So, in this situation, you cannot play installed games on Xbox one without disc. To avoid this problem, I suggest you purchase the digital copy of Xbox One online and install the games from there.

How to play Xbox 360 games on PC

Download and play Xbox 360 games PC without complication. Xbox 360 games are expensive for most of the game lovers. Though you can get Xbox 360 games on Microsoft store without having the Xbox game console, the title is limited. You can only get a few games from here.

But you need not worry. You can enjoy Xbox 360 games for free with the help of an Xbox emulator for 360 games. To download and use the emulator, you need a storage capacity of 250 GB and RAM of 512 GB. Besides, the essential requirement is a 3.2 GHz CPU.

If you find that the requirements are available, you can download an emulator that is good for Xbox 360 games. Now follow the steps:

  • Install an Xbox emulator on the computer.
  • Then extract the Zip file in a folder you want.
  • Now run the file and mount the file with a mounting software.
  • After that, open the emulator on the PC.
  • Then download the Xbox games on the emulator and play them.

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How to play Xbox games on PC for free

If you do not have an Xbox console but want to play the Xbox game on PC for free, you can do it for Windows 10 PC. To enjoy the games, log in to your Microsoft account. Then search for the Xbox anywhere games. But you cannot access all the games available on Xbox One. But some of the favorite games are here for you. Install the games from Microsoft store and then enjoy them

How to play Xbox games on PC with Xbox app

For Windows 10 computer, you do not need to download the Xbox app because the app likely has installed in it. However, if you do not have it, you can download it from Microsoft store. Then you need to open it and sign in with Microsoft account because this account is also your app account.

Now find out the menu bar from the top corner of the left hand of the app. Here, you will see a list. From the list, click on the Connection button. Then tap the Add a device button. It will redirect you to your Xbox console in the same network. Now click on the Connect option to get connected to the console.

If you do not find the console, you have to put the IP address in a field. To see the IP address of the console, go to the Settings menu of it. Then tap the Network button and next Network Settings option. Now click on Advanced Settings. When you make a proper connection, you will see Now Playing in the Xbox app. As soon as you click on it, you will see the feed of the Xbox one directly on the screen of the PC.

How to play Xbox games on PC windows 10

You can play Xbox games on PC windows 10 in two ways. You can stream the games from console to your laptop or can enjoy games from Xbox Play Anywhere. I have discussed the way to play games from Xbox Anywhere from Microsoft Store. Now see the way to enjoy games with Xbox console. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • You have to connect the Xbox controller to Windows 10 computer. You need the Xbox app to play games from the console. This app will work via the Microsoft account. So, sign in the app with your Microsoft account.
  • Now connect the Xbox One. For this, turn it on. Then go to the main menu. Find out the Settings option, and under it, you will see Preferences. From here, you have to select “Allow game streaming to other devices.”
  • Now open the Xbox app on the computer. On the menu bar, you will see the Connect icon. Tap it. Then you will see the Xbox One console as the option. Now you have to select it. After several seconds, you will get the connection.
  • Now connect the Xbox controller to the computer. To connect it, you need to use the USB port.

How to play Xbox games on PC windows 7

Unfortunately, Xbox games are designed for the Windows 10 operating system. Both the Play Anywhere and Xbox One games are for Windows 10 operating system. If you use an emulator, you can also play the games on Windows 8 PC.

How to play Xbox games on PC with keyboard

You can play Xbox games on PC with a keyboard. For some of the selected games are suitable to play with the mouse and keyboard on a laptop. If you face a problem with the Xbox controller, you can use your keyboard as the controller to play games. But most of the games do not support the keyboard and mouse as the controller. As your laptop and Xbox One do not have a lot of USB ports, you need to use third-party USB hubs to connect the mouse and keyboard.

At first, insert the USB hub to the Xbox One. Then insert the Mouse and Keyboard to the hub. Now connect your controller with a micro USB cable. Then a blue flash will appear after connecting the keyboard successfully. Now use the keyboard to play Xbox games.

I think all the above tips are necessary for you to play Xbox games on PC. So, if you are a game lover, you must try Xbox games on your Windows PC and enter the new world of amazing games.

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