Top 12 Available Games for graphing calculator

Rob Leung

If you have a graphing calculator, you may know that you can play games on your calculator. To spend several minutes on your graphic calculator, you can play some games. But for this, you have to know which games are available games for graphing calculator and how to download and play them. In this article, you will get the information about some graphing calculator games. You can find the favorite one and then transfer it to your calculator.

Is there any game available for a graphing calculator?

Yes, there are some well-known games available for a graphing calculator. This device allows you to play some easy games on it. So, for the High School students, it is news of pleasure. While boring with classes, they can make some fun playing those games on the calculator.

Download the games on your computer and then transfer it to the calculator. It is straightforward. However, you can play games such as Pacman, Flappy Bird, Mario, Tetris, Kong, Calcuzap, Snake, Oregon Trail, and many more games.

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Best Games for graphing calculator

You can download some free games for your graphing calculator. For the TI-83 and TI-84 plus calculators, the following games are available.

1. Mario

Mario is one of the most popular games on a graphing calculator. The character is fascinating. Besides, you can play it on almost every graphing calculator. So, download and enjoy this game on your TI calculator.

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2. Pacman

Pacman is an arcade game that is available for a graphing calculator. This classic game features smooth graphics. Besides, the gameplay is fascinating. However, this game is launched by MateoConLchuga.

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3. Fruit Ninja

It is another popular game. Now you can play this game on your graphing calculator. This fruit cutting game is great fun for the game lovers.

4. Flappy BirdSwitch to block editor

Flappy Bird is a famous game. Now you can play it on your graphing calculator. In this game, your character is a bird, and you have to go through the pipes and earn a high score. However, Rico is the publisher of this game.

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5. Tetris

Tetris is a classic game. Many game lovers like this game. There are five unique modes of this game. So, you can spend hours playing this arcade game on your calculator. However, KermMartian is the author of this game.

6. Phantom Star

The gamer who loves spending time in space by shooting enemies, Phantom Star, is for him. This game allows you to be a side-scrolling shooter with some tricks. However, Joe Pemberton is the developer of this game. You can play it on your Ti-84 and TI-83 Plus calculators.

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7. Portal

A Portal is a classic and enjoyable game for a graphing calculator. Here, you have to run, jump, and scroll through test chambers to make the way with the portal gun.

8. Snake

Among other arcade games, Snake is well-known and favorite to the game lovers. The primary work here is to find food around and eat them. Now this one is available for your graphing calculator.

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9. Puzzle Frenzy

It is a classic puzzle game. However, this challenging puzzle game is very much enjoyable. You have to match up three or more. There are two modes called Puzzle and Endless of this game. When you play in the endless mode, the speed of the coming puzzle will increase gradually. And the puzzle mode contains several levels to complete the game.

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10. Falldown

It is an arcade game. In this game, your work keeps the ball away from touching the top of the calculator’s screen. Besides, there are some holes on the floor to move the ball through them and let them fall. But you have to get the hole in time.

11. Egypt

It is a puzzle game that has several levels. Here, you have to move the tiles and make clear the items on it. It would help if you moved them side-by-side. You can compare this game to a bubble burst game. However, you can play 100 levels.

12. Checker

The checker game follows the standard rules of the checker for moves and scores. In this game, you can enjoy several options to customize the game, such as save the game, change the rules, etc. There are three levels, such as easy, medium, and challenging. Basically, it is a logic-based game.

I have discussed several games for the graphing calculator. If you search on your browser, you will find a lot of games available for TI calculators. So, search for your favorite game and make fun.

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