Why can not I Play Instant Games on Messenger

Facebook introduced the users to instant games in 2016, which boosted more users to this platform. But recently, you may find that you can not play instant games on Messenger. Facebook wants to remove the option to play free instant games on Messenger. They decided to migrate games from Messenger to the Facebook app. However, people played over 20 billion free game sessions of those free games in two years.

Why can not I Play Instant Games on Messenger

Why you can not play instant games on Messenger?

The global director of the game partnership, Facebook, Leo Olebe, said in his blog post, “Starting later summer, Instant Games will no longer be playable on iOS.” Thus they will remove instant games from Messenger in several stages, and it starts from the iOS operating system.

So, if you are searching Instant Games on the latest Messenger app on your iOS device, you will not find them. The option has been removed from the app. And gradually, people will not find the Instant Gaming option on their Messengers on iOS and Android devices. But try to find this option on your updated Facebook app. Just leave Messenger and log on Facebook to play games.

Why Facebook’s Instant Games are leaving Messengers?

From the blog post by Leo Olebe, we know that the gaming tab on Messenger will not be available. The Facebook authority decided to move Instant Games on the Facebook app. People like to play free instant games on Messenger with their friends. And it gets popularity fast.

For this reason, every day, a lot of people get engaged in playing instant games. But this matter makes Messenger slow. To make this messaging platform fast and light, Facebook wants to remove this option from the Messenger app. But they are aware of the users. So, they decided to bring the gaming tab to the Facebook app.

You can then continue playing instant games on the Facebook app. The main goal of doing such is to minimize disruptions to developers and users. Besides, it will help to maintain the game’s health.

After migrating Instant Games on Facebook, the users will be notified and get a step-by-step guide to enjoy the games. More details will appear on this platform. And gradually, the Facebook Gaming tab will be the primary place to play Instant Games as well. Not only that, but Olebe also said that they would bring new features for Instant Games on the Gaming tab, and new games will add here.

It is an opportunity for new developers to apply to get access to post games on this platform. The old developers need not re-apply.

It is not a matter of tension when you cannot play Instant Games on Messenger. Wait and get a new featured gaming tab on the Facebook app to enjoy a lot of instant games. I think it is the right decision for Facebook for its user and game developers. Besides, the Messenger app will be smooth and light.

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