How to play a game on a calculator easily

If you are a student and stuck somewhere such as a class or waiting room, you can waste your time to play a game on a calculator. Yes, it is possible. For this, you need a graphing calculator. But with a simple scientific calculator, you can also spend your time making some fun. However, with your graphic calculator, you can play several games such as Tetris. So, we see that we not only use our calculator to solve complicated math but also play some games on it.

How to play a game on a calculator

Can I play a game on a calculator?

Yes, you can play a game on a calculator. But to download and play a game on this device, you need a graphic calculator. With some other simple calculators, you can also spend your time by making some funny math or typing letters or others. Calculators such as TI-84 Plus, TI-83 Plus, are the best one to play games. You will be amazed to know that you can play Mario, Portal, Flappy Bird, Pacman, Snake and much more fun on the device.

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How to play a game on a calculator?

Many of us do not know that we can play games on a graphic calculator. However, the process is not challenging. If you know it properly, you can easily download and play some entertaining games on your calculator.

What do you need?

The things you need are below:

  • A graphic calculator such as TI-84 Plus
  • Charging cable of this calculator
  • TI Connect CE(that needs to download)
  • Games that are supported by this device

Download TI Connect software and install it to the computer.

To play games on a graphic calculator, you need to download a software named TI Connect on your computer. For this, search this software on your web browser. You will find many websites providing the software. Then download it from a reliable website and install it. The steps of downloading and installing this program are at the below:

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  • Click on the download link according to the language you use.
  • Then go to the “downloads” folder and double-click on the file named install.
  • Follow the provided instructions on the screen and complete the installation process.

Download the games you want to play

Now search for the games on Google that you want to play on your calculator. While searching, you must type the model of your calculator. It is for making sure that you are downloading the games that are compatible with the model of the calculator.

Extract the files of the game

The game’s file may be in .zip format. Before transferring the files to the calculator, you should extract the .zip files. For this, drag the files on your desktop.

Connect the calculator to the PC

Now use the charging cable of your calculator to connect it to the computer. If it asks to install a hardware device, insert the CD/DVD you get with your calculator in the DVD-ROM. Then follow the instructions come on the screen.

Open TI Connect software

Now find out the TI Connect app that you have installed on the computer. It comes with a blue and yellow icon. Tap on it. After clicking on this software, you may find the option called TI Device Explorer as the first option. At this time, check that the calculator is turned on. Wait for a few minutes to make a connection to the laptop and calculator. If you face any problem, disconnect the cable and again connect it.

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Open the instruction files.

After extracting the game files, you may find some instruction files for some games. From it, you can learn which file you need to transfer to the calculator.

Transfer the games

Select the files that you have downloaded as the games and drag the files to TI Connect software. Then a pop-up displaying “Send to Calculator” will be appeared. Now click on the Send option. If it asks to replace any file, click on the Replace option.

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Play games on a calculator

Disconnect the calculator from the `PC and remove the USB cable. Now you should press the APPS button on your calculator to open the programs on it. Now select a game among the list. Enjoy your game!

You see that you can easily play games on a calculator. Enjoy your leisure times on the classroom by playing games on the graphic calculator and have some fun.

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