Why am I so bad at video games, a gamer must need to know

Most guardians are thinking video games as time-wasters.  According to some education experts, playing games corrupt the brain.

The media and some experts easily blame playing violent video games as the cause of why some young people become violent or act severe anti-social behavior.

But many researchers find that video games can have many benefits  – the main one is making kids smart.

From their point of view, video games may teach kids high-level thinking skills that they will need in the future.

Why am I so bad at video games

Why am I so bad at video games

It could be that you have had a run of big games and so you have been placed in with people more your level or above your class, or it could only be that you are in a poor run of form.

You could try turning the game that you are playing, so if you like Dom, then attempt KC/Hardpoint or something like that.

How can I get better at video games

Ways to improve your gaming skills

  • Play more games. It may seem young, but the more video games you play, the more skilled you’ll grow.
  • Do exercise, be patient.
  • Do your research.
  • Join a club or team.
  • Watch and discover.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Play old school video games.
  • Play against a younger sibling.


Q: Is being good at video games a talent?

A: Video games are skill or talent as they are set over time and are too competing. They need practice and long hours to study, and you can get rotten when you stop.

Q: Do successful people play video games?

A: Being good at video games and gaining victory in the real world might not be as mutually incompatible as often thought, according to a new survey of gaming habits among well-heeled men.

The site surveyed 13,728 of its members who make six figures or more and found 54% play video games at least once per week.

Final words

Finally, the article gives the idea that practice makes a man perfect. So have patience, practice more and more, and achieve victory in video gaming.

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