How to Play Pre-ordered Games on Xbox One Early

Microsoft Corporation creates a video gaming brand named Xbox. It outlines a series of video game consoles promoted by Microsoft.

It releases three consoles in the sixth, seventh and eighth generations, respectively.

Xbox, the brand also represents apps (games), streaming services, and an online service by the brand name of Xbox Live, and the development unites by the name of Xbox Game Studios.

How to play pre-ordered games on Xbox one early

How to play pre-ordered games on Xbox one early

Microsoft has newly opened up the Xbox One Insider Program to everyone. The Insider Program is divided into four levels – or rings – of access: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omega. It’s free to join.

To download the Xbox Insider Hub, you need to join the Xbox One Insider Program. Moreover, you’ll be able to try the upcoming games early.

Regional hindrances may apply in some cases. For more information, see Xbox One locales FAQ.

On the other hand, Open betas are open to anyone. You often don’t even have to sign up to participate in Open Beta.

All you have to do is going to your console’s online store and download the Beta for free. Then when the Beta goes live, you can play it just like any other game.


Q. Can you get banned for changing location on Xbox one to play a game early?

  1. No, you haven’t. Account Migration is another thing, for which you can get banned. You will not get banned for playing a game early.

Q. Does Xbox One require the Internet to play games?

  1. Playing games online on your Xbox One, you can need the Internet, but most Xbox One games do not necessarily need an internet connection.

Some games that designed to play online, such as “Fortnite.” and usually have features like multiplayer matches.


Microsoft has begun up the Xbox One Insider Program to everyone; now, you can test new games and new features before they come out.

You can gain earlier and earlier access to upcoming features and upcoming games.

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