What Does the Chrome Menu Icon Look Like

You are using Google Chrome for the first time. So, you don’t have the slightest idea what does the Chrome menu icon look like and how many options are there and how they work? Well, read the article where I have discussed it in detail.

Chrome Menu Icon Look Like


What Does the Chrome Menu Icon Look Like?

Google Chrome Menu Icon This is the Chrome Menu Icon Look Like three dots.

If you are looking for the Chrome menu, then you will find it in an icon in the browser window. However, it’s actually more or less the same in desktop computers and OS as well. Now, you can access the menu bar with the “three vertical dots” option that is located on the top right corner of the Chrome browser window.

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If you can’t see them because you are looking at this in the full-screen mode, then you must exit the full-screen. After that, click on the three dots, and you will see the Chrome menu.

Now, that menu is divided into sections, and they deal with different functions. The top section deals with Chrome’s tabs and windows management. Then comes History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Tools, Edit, Settings, and Help option. But, these options are inserted between options that won’t make much sense in any standard application. Moreover, let’s take a look at those options that you will find in a standard menu bar.

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1. File

In this File option, you will find many sub-options that are simply laid out in the top section. But, it has an exception that is “Print,” and it is grouped with “Cast…,” “Find…,” and “More Tools.”

2. Edit

The Edit option has its own heading near the bottom of the Chrome menu. But, all its options are limited to “Cut,” “Copy,” and “Paste.”

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3. View

The option deals with size. Now, some other familiar “View” options are missing, and some are not relevant at all, and those are handled by the browser automatically.

4. History

It’s not a single option. The section is shared by three options, which are History, Downloads, and Bookmarks.

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The first option of this section, History, leads to the dropdown, which offers recently-closed windows and tabs on your device.

The Downloads option takes the user to a list where it shows the recent downloads that you can search, open in your device, or clear.

In the meantime, the Bookmarks option shows a dropdown of bookmarks controls, which lets the user bookmark any page along with move bookmarks from one folder to another with the help of “Bookmark Manager.” Here, you will be able to see the list of all your bookmarked pages.

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5. Windows

The function of these menu headings is mostly in “More Tools,” and here, you will find many options to save the contents of any page. At the same time, you also will be able to manage cookies, browsing data, and cache data that are under the option of “Clear Browsing Data.” In addition to that, you can manage extensions and use Chrome’s internal “Task Manager.”

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Final Words

That’s it! I hope this article satisfies your curiosity, and I hope now you have a good idea of what does the Chrome menu look like and how many options are there. You should know all Google Chorme Settings as a new comer.

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