Windows Autopilot Requirements

Windows Autopilot is an advanced tool that depends on windows 10 capability. If you want to get an idea about autopilot intunes, continue with this article. In this article, you are going to know Windows Autopilot requirements. If your device is brought from OEM, the autopilot will be registered automatically. If it’s not available by default, you can set up manually.

Windows Autopilot Requirements

What is windows autopilot?

Windows Autopilot comes up with a lot of technology to provide users productivity. If you set up and configure your device with autopilot, you are ready to use the features. It gives users facilities of resetting and recovering device. The process of enabling is easy and straightforward. Autopilot is an easy solution for Windows users, which is supported by many manufacturers, including Acer, Dell HP, and Lenovo.

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Windows autopilot requirements

Windows Autopilot has several requirements for the windows 10. It’s designed for simplifying all parts of a particular windows device.

If you are ready to start a journey with windows autopilot, you have to be capable of filling all of the requirements. If any user is not able to complete those, the autopilot will not be active. If you count without configuration, only three requirements needed. Here are the requirements of windows autopilot.

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  • Software requirements
  • Networking requirements
  • Licensing requirements
  • Configuration requirements


Here I have added most asked questions for better understanding.

Do I need a Windows autopilot?

Normally you don’t need windows autopilot. When you want to be a standard and productive, you can set it up.

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How do I add a device to Windows autopilot?

Adding windows autopilot for a device is not a big deal. It can be done by importing the CSV file. From that information, you can configure your profile as well.

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Final Thoughts

Using autopilot is always recommend. If your device is not active with windows autopilot, you have to do it manually. Before that, make sure you have no problem with the requirements.

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