Winword.exe entry point not found

If you are trying to open a document or file and seeing winword.exe entry point not found, don’t worry! It’s not a big issue. The solving process is easy for similar kinds of problems, such as Ntbackup.exe and Ptim.exe. You can get rid of not found windows 10 or XP.

Winword.exe entry point not found

How do I fix entry point not found?

There is no exact answer to this question because there are several types of entry point not found problems, including exel.exe, Ntbackup.exe, Ptim.exe, Winword.exe, and more. The process of solving is different for each. Many times you can solve this issue updating a file, but it’s not sure. That’s why we suggest following the exact method.

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Winword.exe entry point not found

It’s easy to fix Winword.exe entry point not found and similar kinds of problems. You can finish the job following the instructions below.

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  1. First of all, ensure the problem.
  2. Click to the Start Button.
  3. Go to the control panel.
  4. Click on the “add or remove program”.
  5. Find out Security Update KB4462174.
  6. Select like this.
  7. Finally, uninstall it.
  8. Yes, you have done.

Now your problem is fixed, and you are ready to open this file.


In this section, I have added the most asked questions for your better understanding of this query.

How do I fix kernel32 DLL entry point not found Windows XP?

You can try the process mentioned earlier. If it’s not enough to fix, you may need to install the update file and restart your device.

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Where is kernel32 DLL located in Windows 7?

It is located on your C drive. You will find it in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Sometimes this file can be located in the Windows folder or temporary files.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have done the process and success to open this file. You can try this method to other similar types of problems as well.

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