Excel.exe entry point not found

Windows users face many errors. Excel.exe entry point not found is one of those. At the time of opening mail, you can also face Outlook.exe entry point not found in windows 10. To get rid of the problem, you have to continue with a procedure. Here I have solved this problem.

Excel.exe entry point not found

What does it mean entry point not found?

If you see a message such as an entry point is not found, you have to know the exact reason for it. The problem occurs when a process is damaged. If you are going to open any unreadable and missing file, you may face this window. It also means that viruses or other harmful elements attack the file.

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How to Fix Excel.exe entry point not found

It’s easy to fix this issue—all you need to download an update file and install this update.

  1. Go to Google
  2. Search Windows KB2533623
  3. You can also click here to go directly
  4. Select language if needed (the language you select, the content will change with it)
  5. Download the update
  6. Install this
  7. Restart your device

After that, open the same file. It will open without any error. Enjoy!

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Here are some questions we often asked when talking about this issue.

How do I fix Windows 10 entry point not found?

If you are Windows 10 users, the way of fixing is the same as Windows 7. Follow the above method and go ahead.

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How do I fix kernel32 DLL entry point not found?

When you see this error message, kernel32 DLL also appears on the screen. There is nothing new there. Both problems can be solved by applying the same method.

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Final Thoughts

Excel.exe entry point not found is not a big issue as you thought. You can solve it without previous experience by following our guidelines.

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