How to put internet explorer on desktop windows 10

Internet explorer is a favorite browser for desktops. You need to download and install Internet Explorer for pc. If you are missing the icon of Internet explorer windows 7, put internet explorer on desktop windows 10 to access easily. You can also create a shortcut to a specific website.

put internet explorer on desktop windows 10

How to create a shortcut of internet explorer on desktop

Creating a shortcut to Internet Explorer on your desktop is an easy process. Anyone can do the job following the instructions below.

  • Click the Start Button
  • Select Program
  • Open all programs
  • Select Internet explorer or search to find
  • Drag and drop Internet explorer to your desktop to copy
  • Now you can see the icon as a shortcut

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How to put internet explorer on desktop windows 10

If your device has not internet explorer by default, first of all, you need to install it. After installing, you can put it on the homepage. If you don’t find it, you have to add it as a feature. Several ways can be applied. Here is the easiest way.

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Hit the search button and search it
  • Select Internet explorer
  • Enter Windows features
  • Turn on Windows features
  • Select OK
  • Restart your device

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Here are some questions we often asked about Internet Explorer.

Why is Internet Explorer not working?

There is something wrong with not working. If you are using an older version, update it. If you have used it before, reset Internet explorer from the settings.

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What happens when you reset Internet Explorer?

If you reset the internet explorer, all of the history and save password will be removed. Bookmarks will be safe with the Gmail account.

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Where did my Internet Explorer go?

It can be disappeared although it will be found on windows Accessories. Users can easily get typing in the search bar directly.

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Final Thoughts

Internet Explorer browser is a widely used tool for the windows version. Most of the updated devices include it automatically. You can also add extensions to this handy tool.

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