How to Reset Windows 10 Password Command Prompt Without Disk

Security in the field of computing is an issue whose responsibility will always begin with us as users. In that sense, it will always be necessary to have a full access password that is difficult to discover when it comes to our smartphones, accounts, or computers.

In Windows operating systems, the possibility of protecting our user accounts under a password has always been present. If we talk about Windows, the mechanisms have been made different from the incorporation of the pin. In this article, I’ll describe how to reset windows 10 password command prompt without disk.

reset windows 10 password command prompt without disk

Knowing the procedure of reset windows 10 password command prompt without disk

However, it is widespread that we forget the configured password, making it impossible to access the operating system. These cases can be a real headache; however, there are some mechanisms that we can use to obtain the password back or enter the operating system to change it.

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Login recovery options

If you turn on your computer and for some reason, you forgot the access password, the first step we must take is to occupy the login recovery options. Windows 10 has incorporated this mechanism based on synchronization with our Microsoft account, and in that sense, this option uses it to regain access to the computer.

We need to carry out this process is an internet connection and the credentials and access to your Microsoft account. On the login screen, below the password bar, you will find a link labeled “I forgot my password.” When you click, a few seconds will pass as it takes you to the recovery screen.

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Here you will see several options for sending the security code, allowing you to receive it on your phone via SMS, a call, or an email to your Microsoft account address. Once you have entered the code in question, you can renew your password.

What if it is a local account?

Okay, so you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First, you need a Windows 10 installation DVD. Website: Download Windows 10. You download the ISO directly to a DVD or a pen drive, the installation program itself takes care of burning it.
  2. When the installation program loads, click ‘next ‘.
  3. Repair the equipment.

issue For Windows

Suppose you do not get along with these Windows installation and recovery processes. In that case, PassCue For Windows is an excellent alternative since it is simple, friendly, and suitable for anyone with little knowledge. The application offers an almost automatic password resetting mechanism in Windows 10, based on three straightforward steps.

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The first thing you must do to use this alternative is to download the program from this link and, secondly, insert a USB memory to make it bootable following the process that will appear in the application. Now you must start the computer from the USB memory so that the PassCue For Windows interface is displayed, showing all the user accounts registered in the system.

In this way, everything will be a matter of selecting the account whose password you need to reset and clicking on the “Reset Password” button to render the previous password ineffective and allow entry to the system. Issue For Windows is a highly recommended option due to its ability to unlock Windows 10 systems with its possibilities.

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Occupies the Administrator account

Another straightforward option that we can use in these cases is to occupy the administrator account. However, the main limitation to using this alternative is that it must be previously enabled to access the system. With the administrator account, you will have the possibility of accessing the Windows user accounts and passwords section and then resetting your user’s password.

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If you have no problems with your passwords so far, but you want to enable the administrator account to be prevented, you will only have to open an instance of the command prompt. To achieve this quickly, press the combination Windows + R and in the window that appears, enter CMD and press enter. Once in the command interpreter, type: control userpasswords2, and immediately, a popup window with two tabs will be displayed.

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Reinstall the operating system

This is the most extreme option for these cases and is only recommended in scenarios where the other mechanisms have not worked.

To reinstall the operating system, it is only a matter of having a USB or Windows 10 disk; however, you must overwrite the installation in order not to lose the files stored on the disk.

In the installation process, choose the custom option and then select the hard drive to start the process.

At this point, a message will appear notifying a previous installation of Windows and that the files will be stored in the “Windows. Old” folder.

In this way, you will be able to reaccess the operating system without losing your files.

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Programs to recover passwords for Windows 10 accounts

Windows 10 account password recovery is possible with the help of special programs to reset or recover passwords. Such programs are especially topical in password loss for the Administrator account (since passwords for other versions can be reset using this account).

For this:

  • Download and install the program to reset or recover account passwords.
  • Use this program to create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB stick (if necessary).
  • Restart the computer and boot from the assembled boot media.
  • Reset or recover passwords for the required account.

The boot disk or USB stick to recover Windows 10 password

A bootable disc to recover your password can be created by yourself or use a ready-made variant for this (which can be purchased or downloaded).

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Create a bootable disk

Are you looking for a way to create a bootable disc? Do the following:

  • Go to Control Panel / Restore.
  • Select Create a restore drive.
  • Insert the disc to the remote.
  • Select it as a place to create the system recovery disc, and make it, following the system instructions.

Final words

Losing a password from Windows 10 user account can be a very unpleasant surprise. As a consequence, access to the data of a specific computer is lost. It is okay if you know the Administrator account’s password from which you can manage user passwords for a particular computer. But it happens that sometimes this password is also forgotten or lost. I hope now you know how to reset windows 10 password command prompt without disk. If you have any asks let me know via email or comment on the blog.

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