What Can You Do With A Rooted Phone

There are many features you can unlock after rooting a phone. Before that, you should know rooted phone tricks and useful apps. If you are looking for a list that is possible to do only with a rooted phone, this webpage will be helpful for you. You can enjoy awesome features with a rooted galaxy s8.

rooted phone

What is the advantage and disadvantage of rooting Android phone?

When you talk about a rooted phone, there are many advantages and disadvantages as well. You a rooted phone, you will be able to enjoy some extra facilities that are not allowed normally. You should also know the advantages; after rooting a device, the guarantee of this device will be lost.

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What can you do with a rooted phone?

You can do some unbelievable activities with a rooted phone. Here is the most common thing you will be able to enjoy.

  1. Get rid of bloatware
  2. Use a Sixaxis controller to play games
  3. Install custom ROMs
  4. Overclock your CPU
  5. Increase RAM of Android Device
  6. Use Wi-Fi hotspot for free
  7. Change screen resolution
  8. Remove advertisements
  9. Backup everything
  10. Backup Your Android Phone from Bit to Byte
  11. Uninstall system apps
  12. Customize your device according to your demand

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Here are the most common questions we often asked when talking about rooting a phone.

What does it mean when your phone is rooted?

A rooted phone means you are in a new world of Technology. It allows you to modify your device and install any third-party software.

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How can I tell if my phone has been rooted?

It’s easy to check out whether a device is rooted or not. You have to install an application called root checker. It will ensure if the device is rooted.

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Final Thoughts

The rooting device is not a good idea if you want to use it legally. Although you can unlock hidden features, it’s not allowed by the manufacturer.

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