How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Rob Leung

The cloning app on the iPhone device is a simple process. It is possible to do an app duplicator without jailbreak. You can use the iOS version of Parallel space to duplicate apps on iPhone and iPad. Appvalley is also a working tool to clone games on ios. In this article, you will get everything you need to know.

duplicate apps on iPhone

How to duplicate apps on iPhone

There is no default option on the iPhone to make a duplicate version of a particular app. Don’t worry! You can duplicate apps on iPhone using other applications directly from the app store. All of those are safe to use because you are getting on the official store. With those tools, you can make a duplicate.

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How to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Jailbreak is not the only solution for the duplication. Making duplicate apps on the iPhone is also possible without jailbreak. Here is the process.

  • Go to the Apple store
  • Tap on the search button
  • Type parallel space and enter
  • Install and open this application
  • After that, you can see all of the installed applications
  • Then you have to select what you want to make a clone
  • Click on the add to parallel space
  • Here is the result

Now you will able to enjoy two accounts on the same device. In this way, you can use more than one Facebook and Instagram account.

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Here are some questions we often asked when talking about the cloning app on iPhone.

Is parallel space available for iPhone?

Yes, parallel space is available for the iPhone. The developer has released the official version on the App Store. Users can enjoy the features for free.

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Can I use dual WhatsApp on iPhone?

Why not? You can use dual WhatsApp on iPhone. There are many ways to get dual WhatsApp; it would be best if you continue with parallel space.

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Final Thoughts

If you are an iPhone user, please try this method to make the duplicate apps without jailbreak. It’s free and proven techniques.

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