Android Apps Downloading But Not Installing

Many android users face this problem when trying to install an application. If you Can’t download apps from the play store or play store not downloading apps on mobile data, it’s essential to fix this issue. You should find out the reason why Apps download but won’t install.

Android apps downloading

Why can’t I download apps on my phone

This issue can arise for several seasons. One of the most common reasons is you may not have permitted the storage to continue downloading. Another acceptable reason is storage has not enough space for the application. So before getting confused, check out those issues.

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Android apps downloading but not installing

If you are facing such a problem, the high possibility of the problem is the device has not enough space to receive this application.

If you are sure about the storage, you can solve this issue by following the instructions below.

  • Stop the app and then delete the Store’s data.
  • Switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi
  • Uninstall the Play Store and reinstall the updated version
  • Refresh your Google account
  • Register your device with Google

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Have a look at the question below to understand thoroughly.

Why are apps not downloading on my Android?

If it happens to you, go to the settings, then apps, and clear the data of the Play Store. Restart your device. You can also try all of the methods that I already shared with you.

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What to do when APK is not installing?

You should always install the application from the Play Store. Sometimes we got the error on the play store as well. If everything looks good, clearing data is enough.

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Final Thoughts

If the app is downloading, but not installed completely, no need to be worried, you can get rid of this issue by following the instructions above. I have used the same way and get the desired result.

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