How To Customize Android After Root

Rooting is not enough to enjoy its features. You need to customize the android device after rooting choosing a launcher for rooted android. To get rid of viruses security apps for rooted android comes into play. The bottom line is customizing is the key to unlock the features.

customize android

Which app can I use to root my phone?

There are many apps that help to root an android. The application can be varied because it depends on your device. As an android expert, I will suggest you for using King root. I have an excellent experience with this application. Also, the application is easy to use.

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How to customize android after root

After rooting your device, the very first thing is customizing your device to give it a standard look. Here are a few tips for you.

A Custom ROM: Custom ROM is the first choice for everyone. Most of the users root their devices using custom ROMs.

Customize Performance: Check out the performance and customize it by deleting unnecessary files.

Using Launcher: For customizing your homepage and other tabs, it’s essential to install an attractive Launcher.

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In this section, I have added a few questions to make you more information about this query.

Is it bad to root your phone?

Rooting has its pros and cons. If you know the disadvantages and don’t care about those, it’s not bad for you to root the device.

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Does rooting your phone delete everything?

Rooting will not remove everything from your phone. It will allow you to delete everything, such as system apps. You can also make changes to the developer option after rooting.

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Final Thoughts

To enjoy the power of the root device, you have to customize it properly. That’s why we recommend following our guidelines to making your device unique from others.

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