App Store Won’t Let Me Download Apps Without Billing Information

If you are an iPhone user, this is the most faced problem. Sometimes iPhone requires verification of payment methods and won’t let you download apps without billing information.

If you have no credit card and payment is not completed with the app store, it’s essential to know downloading apps without credit card info.

Why does app store need payment details for free apps

If your registered debit or credit card has been expired, the verification options will appear. The incidence also can happen if there is an unpaid balance on the account.

You can stop this message from the settings or adding billing information. Here you will get everything you need to know about this solution.

App Store won’t let me download apps without billing information

If you are trying to install or update application from Apple store and seeing this message, here is the solution.

1# Go to the settings of your iPhone device.


2# Tap on tap iTunes & App Store


3# From there, tap to the Apple ID.


4# Click on the View Apple ID


5# Select Payment Information


6# The new screen will appear to you.

7# Mark None and Hit the Done button from above right.

From now on, you can update apps without verification.


Here are the most asked questions that you may need answers.

Why can’t I download apps without payment method?

You can’t download apps without payment method because you have selected credit card or other cards on setting and it’s not verified.

How can I download apps without billing information?

You can download apps without adding billing information. For that, you have to go to the settings of Apple store and right None. Follow the above instructions to finish the job.

Final Thoughts

Most of the iPhone users face such a problem while updating any application. This is the solution to your problem. Hopefully, you have enjoyed it.

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