What to Do If Your Phone Is Tapped – Safety Measures To Avoid

Phone tapping is such an annoying and serious problem. It hampers one’s privacy. Think for a second someone is listing to your call; it feels weird. Besides, someone can hear your personal stuff that you won’t want. So, if you think your phone is tapped, then try to replace it or take these safety measures.

What to Do If Your Phone Is Tapped

How to Get Rid of Phone Tapping?

Well, you can’t untap or get rid of phone tapping. There’s no way to do that. But, you can use these steps to solve your problem:

  • You should remove your phone’s battery when you are not using the phone. It will prevent anyone from making any connection to your device.
  • You can also disable your phone’s Bluetooth connection. This way, your phone won’t be able to send any signals to others.
  • You should consider buying a phone tap detector. It will detect and alert you if your phone is being tapped.

How to Secure Cell Phone from Being Tapped?

Like I said, if your phone is tapped, then you can’t do anything to save it. But, you can take safety measures before being tapped and save your data.

Use Password

There are two ways to tap a phone, which are through network and spying apps. But, both of them happen if someone can easily access to your phone. So, if you use a complex and strong password for accessing your phone, then others can’t access your phone and can’t install any spyware.

Security Apps and Anti-Malware

Most of the time, many spyware don’t provide notification and user can’t even notice them. But, if you use security apps or anti-malware, then these apps will give notification when the new app is installed, and anti-malware will remove them as well.


Take a look at these frequently asked questions:

Question: What Number Should I Dial to See If Your Phone Is Tapped?

Answer: You can dial these numbers to see is your phone tapped or not. Those numbers are ##002#, *#21#, and *#62#.

Question: How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped by Law Enforcement?

Answer: Well, there is no way to tell or identify it. That is because it’s all done through the upstream in the network.

Final Verdicts

You must be very careful with your phone and make sure that no one can easily access to the phone. If you find your phone is tapped, then you better replace it.

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