Does Bluetooth Use Data When Connected To Car?

If you have a car, it is quite likely that not only do you do not have the great advantage of an on-board computer, hands-free, or GPS as standard.

You may even have to settle for listening to music using the radio, CDs, or even cassettes and it does not use data when connected.

Incredible as it may seem in the days of streaming music, our vehicle takes us to outdated and much more uncomfortable technologies. Let’s discover how does car Bluetooth works?

Does Bluetooth Use Data When Connect To Car

How does car Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that works over short distances. We just have to pair them through a configuration process that we will only have to do the first time that two devices: Turn on your Android mobile.

Slide your screen down to activate the Bluetooth connection by clicking on its icon. Then turn on your car radio. This will allow you to detect the vehicle’s Bluetooth network from your mobile.

How to pair a phone with the car Bluetooth

Pairing the phone with a car Bluetooth device can be done by creating a connection between the mobile phone and the car stereo.

  1. Turn on the stereo in the car and your cell phone.
  2. Press the Bluetooth pairing button on the car stereo to activate a detection mode.
  3. Go to your phone’s main menu selection.
  4. Select the “Settings” option to see what options are available.
  5. Select the “Bluetooth” or “Bluetooth Menu” option from the list.
  6. Wait until the phone syncs with the car radio.


Does Bluetooth use battery?

Yes, Bluetooth uses battery when running. Some models have a built-in battery that powered up from itself.

Why is my car Bluetooth not working?

Bluetooth in your car cannot work for several reasons. Check battery percentage, connection, and condition, then you will confirm the reason.

Final word

If you have a smartphone and want to listen to the music you have stored or via streaming with services such as Spotify or Apple Music, you just need a car Bluetooth and it will not use data from your phone.

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