Bluetooth Works with Media But Not Calls, Fix Easily

Rob Leung

I have recently brought a Bluetooth device so that I can talk to my family and friends. But, my Bluetooth works with media but not calls. So, I sat next to the computer and started researching to find a solution. Honestly, I have found many solutions and fixed my problem. Now, most of the people are also facing this problem I found. That’s why I am sharing those solutions for you all.

Bluetooth Works with Media But Not Calls

Why Bluetooth Works with Media But Not Calls?

So, your Bluetooth device works with media, but it’s not working with calls. Well, there could be many reasons responsible for this, some are as follows:

  • The permissions to access the Bluetooth device are most probably not added in the AndroidManifest.xml file.
  • The user can route audio to a Bluetooth device only if the Android device supports the use of SCO for off-call cases.
  • Bluetooth devices that support SCO can record and play audio. However, if your Bluetooth device supports only A2DP, it won’t be able to record audio. That means it can’t be used to answer any phone call.

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What to Do?

You use these solutions to solve the issue:

Reboot Your Phone and Clear Cache Data

You can try rebooting your device first. That is because many people managed to solve this issue by simply enabling and then disabling the Airplane mode. So, why not you give it a try?

If that doesn’t work, then you should go to the Settings > Apps > All apps. On there, you must enable System services. The next step is to locate the Bluetooth app and clear all cache and data from the device. Then reboot your device one more time and test the Bluetooth again.

However, if the issues haven’t solved yet, then you should consider this solution as a failure and try the below solutions.

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Update Firmware

The problem can occur because the firmware of yours is not updated yet. So, you should now check for possible updates. My recent research related to Bluetooth issues stated that the Android users who upgraded to Android 10 are facing this problem that has not existed on Android 9.

Now, the OEMs have spoken about the problem with patches, and it could be the reason why users should keep their device up to date with new versions. You can check for new updates in Settings > System and install any available updates.

Remove Headphones and Pair Them Again

It’s hard to tell what could be the cause for the problem, but if you remove and pair devoices again, it will help, and it usually does. However, you will need to delete the troublesome device from the list of paired devices and then try pairing them again. You can follow these steps to do that:

Step-1: Go to Settings on your device.

Step-2: Select Bluetooth from there.

Step-3: Then open Paired devices. Now, on a few Android skins, you will need to be connected with the audio device so that you can access the option to unpair. In that case, you should turn on Bluetooth and connect to the headphones.

Step-4: Click on Unpair.

Step-5: Now, restart your phone and navigate to Settings > Bluetooth again and pair with your audio device.

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Enable Phone Calls

It’s a fact that many OEMs have a toggle to enable or disable phone calls for a certain paired Bluetooth device. So, you have to make sure that all phone calls are indeed enabled that certain device. Now, you can follow these steps to enable phone calls for Bluetooth devices:

Step-1: Go to Settings of your phone.

Step-2: From there, select Bluetooth.

Step-3: Press on your device among the paired device list.

Step-4: Toggle on Phone calls.

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Disable Bluetooth A2DP Hardware Offload

There is a way that you can use on your phone and tweak the Bluetooth-related Developer options. However, there’s actually more than one option that you can use and change to the system default. At the same time, it’s also possible to switch to ACVRP version 1.6 instead of version 1.4 that is the default one. In addition to that, you can change the codec to AAC.

Do you know the most important one that usually addresses the problem is A2DP of Bluetooth Hardware Offload? It causes problems, so you should disable it. Now, follow these steps to access the Developer options and tweak Bluetooth settings:

Step-1: Take your phone and go to Settings > About phone (System for many devices).

Step-2: Press on the Build number for at least seven times.

Step-3: Go back to Settings, where you will find Developer options.

Step-4: On there, navigate the option called Disable Bluetooth A2DP Hardware Offload and toggle it off as well.

Reset Your Network Settings

I already showed you some methods that should be working. But, if those are not working and Bluetooth is not working with calls, then you must reset your Network Settings, who knows it could be the issue! If you want to reset, then keep in mind that it will wipe out all your network data. Just follow these instructions:

Step-1: Open Settings from your phone.

Step-2: Select System or General management option from there.

Step-3: Press on the Reset button.

Step-4: It’s time to select Reset Network Settings.

Step-5: Then, confirm your selection.

Reset Your Phone with Factory Settings

If resetting the network didn’t work at all, then I will recommend you try the factory reset option, which I think surely work. You won’t need to worry about your system. That is because it won’t downgrade your phone. Here’s how you can do that:

Step-1: You need to back up all your data from your internal storage.

Step-2: Now, you need to go to Settings > System > Reset.

Step-3: On there, you will need to select the Factory data reset option.

Step-4: you will find some instructions that you have to follow to reset your device.


There also could be some reasons responsible for this problem, like incompatible Bluetooth version, distance, insufficient battery, or other signal interference. What you need to do is to find the issue and fix it.

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