How to Untap Your Phone – 7 Signs of Being Phone Tapped

Nowadays, almost every person uses a cell phone, including you. But, have you ever thought how much safe are you, or your data? Is someone spying on you or are you being tapped? If you didn’t think that yet, then you need to find it out and solve that issue fast.

How to Untap Your Phone

How to Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Tapped?

Before you start trying to untap your phone, you need to make sure that your phone is tapped. If you encounter these signs, then you should act fast:

  1. Your phone will make unusual noises.
  2. You will face trouble while shutting down your phone.
  3. Battery capacity will decrease suddenly.
  4. Battery temperature will increase and feel warm.
  5. The phone will show the activity even when not in use.
  6. You will encounter electronic interference.
  7. It will show increased data usage.

How to Untap Your Phone?

Let me first tell you that you can’t actually untap your phone. There is no way to do that. That’s because it is done through the wireless provider. But you can prevent it. Now, let me tell you that phone tapping is done in two ways, which are telecom network and spying software.

Tapping Through Telecom Network and Solution

Like I told you, it is done through the wireless provider. Now, to solve this issue, you can reset your phone to the settings of your phone. You can reset the entire phone memory, and power reset the network and restarts the phone about two times. It may work, but I am not sure about it since your network is tapped, so it may or may not work.

Tapping Through Spyware and Solution

Another thing that can be responsible for tapping your phone is Spyware or those apps that keep an eye on other data. In that case, one has to find those applications and get rid of it, which is the most suitable option.

Use Anti-Virus Software

There’s a lot of anti-virus software available in the market that provides protection against malware, virus, harmful files, and even spyware. Anti-virus software will detect the spyware and help you to remove it from your phone.

Update Operating System

It is one of the effective methods. That is because if you update your Operating System, then all the spyware will be erased. After that, you won’t have to worry about phone tapping.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset option will wipe out your entire data along with all the harmful files and spyware that are responsible for phone tapping. So, you can try this method, but make sure to back-up your data.

Find Spyware Manually

You can also find all the spyware manually and deleted them. It will take a lot of effort, but it will work for you.

Beware of Others

I will recommend you to be careful. That’s because your carelessness is the reason that you are being tapped. The most efficient way to remove those spy software and being tapped is to replace your phone.

Important Tips to Prevent Phone Tapping

Make sure to keep in mind these tips or cautions whatever you want to call:

  • You should use those messaging apps that are entirely closed to outsiders, such as Chare, Signal, Wickr, and Telegram. Or, you can use your regular app carefully so that no one can access it.
  • You have to decide which information is safe for you and safe to access to all. I meant you should consider; is all your data should be accessible to all or not. If you follow my opinion, then don’t reveal your personal data to anyone.
  • Unknown programs, software, and applications keep an eye on your data. So, you have to remember, don’t install any unknown application. It’s for your own safety. Besides, stay away from those apps, which want access to your contacts, location, and gallery.
  • There are many dangerous websites available on the internet where if you browse, you could install any spyware without knowing. So, stop browsing without thinking.


Phone tapping is a big phenomenon, and there’s a tiny chance that you are being tapped. It usually happens with famous and big personalities. But, still, if you encounter the signs, then replace your phone.

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