How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S10 to USB Stick

If you are a Samsung S10 user and want to store your photos in a portable storage device like a USB stick for your phone’s better performance, you can do that directly by using an OTG connector or OTG cable, no PC needed. Just follow the below guide.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S10 to USB Stick

How Do I Transfer Photos from Samsung S10 Phone to USB Memory Stick?

It’s basically same like Samsung S9 photo transfer, but still, you should take a look:

Step-1: Firstly, you will need to connect the phone of yours with the memory stick.

Step-2: You can do that with an OTG connector or OTG cable. The thing is S10 comes with an OTG connector that you can use.

Step-3: Now, you have to make sure that the phone and memory stick is connected. Just go to the storage and check.

Step-4: Then copy or cut the photo or photos you wanted to transfer.

Step-5: After that, go to the memory stick from the storage and paste those photos. You are done.

How to Transfer Photos from S10 Phone to A USB Stick via USB Cable?

At first, you have to connect your S10 phone with the computer by using a USB cable. After that, the permission message will pop up. Then you have to change connection mode, or your phone’s data won’t get detected. So, swipe down and choose connection mode for data loading.

Now, select Touch for other USB options and then choose Media Device (MTP). Then you will find the Samsung device on your PC. Just copy and paste photos for transfer.


Some frequently asked questions and their answers are:

Question: How to Transfer Photos from S10 to Mac?

Answer: You have to connect the USB cable with your phone and Mac. Then on your Mac open Android File Transfer>DCIM folder>Camera folder. Select photos and drag them to the folder where you want to keep them.

Question: How Do I Enable USB Transfer on Samsung S10?

Answer: You can do that with the USB cable. You just have to connect the smartphone of yours with your computer. After that, on the phone, press on the charging this device via USB. Now, under the Use USB for option, you must select the File Transfer. Then an Android File Transfer window will open on your PC.

Final Words

The steps I have discussed are more than enough to teach you how you can transfer photos from your galaxy S10 phone to memory stick.

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