How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S9 to USB Stick

Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is one of the best phones for taking photos. But, it becomes hard to store photos, and if you click too many, then you have to store them somewhere else. Or your phone’s storage will get low. Now, you can use a portable storage device like a USB stick, and you can easily transfer photos directly to the stick. Just follow the below guide to do that.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S9 to USB Stick

How Do I Transfer Photos from Samsung S9 to USB Stick without Computer?

To move photos from your Samsung S9 phone to a USB stick, you need to follow these steps:

Step-1: At first, you need to connect your Samsung S9 smartphone with the USB stick. To do that, you can use an OTG connector. Or you can just buy one from the store.

Step-2: After connecting your phone and USB stick, you need to check is they perfectly connected or not. You must go to Settings and then the Storage for checking.

Step-3: Now, you can copy or cut any photo you want to transfer your USB stick.

Step-4: Then paste that photo on the USB stick.

How to Move Photos from Samsung S9 to USB Stick with Computer?

Well, it’s an easy process. You only have to connect the phone with the computer first. Then copy or cut the photo and paste that on your computer. After that, you have to connect the USB stick with your computer and transfer the photo likewise. You are done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions related to this topic:

Question: Is OTG Connector Comes with Samsung S9?

Answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone comes with many accessories, and the OTG connector is one of them.

Question: How Do I Enable OTG on My Galaxy S9?

Answer: You have to go to Settings and then scroll down and tap on Developer options. After that, again, scroll down and find the USB configuration and tap on that. Then choose the setting suitable for your need.

Question: Can I Use This Method and Transfer Other Files to USB Stick?

Answer: Yes. You can do that. You use this guide and transfer all sorts of files to you’re the USB stick without any problem.


I hope now you will be able to transfer photos from your S9 smartphone to USB stick. However, if you face issues, then let me know.

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