Is Google Duo Better Than Whatsapp Video Call?

WhatsApp has been around for quite a while now. It was founded back in 2009 and has since become a popular messaging app.

The app allows its users to send text messages, photos, videos, voice notes, etc.

Google Duo is a new app that was launched in 2016.

It is similar to WhatsApp in terms of features, but there are some differences between the two.

So, which one is better?

Let’s find out!

Is Google Duo Better Than Whatsapp Video Call

Ease of Access

Google Duo and WhatsApp are both messaging apps with one thing in common: they only require a phone number to work.

When you create an account, other people who have your number saved on their phones will see that contact on the app.

You can even start calling someone before adding them by simply tapping “call.”

However, the web version of Duo offers an option to call people by entering their number. You can also link your phone number after logging in.

Cross-Platform Availability

Video calling apps are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family members, even if you’re not on the same platform.

App makers Google Duo and WhatsApp have cross-platform availability to connect across major platforms like Android, iOS, or PC.

It’s amazing how one of these popular video calls is preinstalled on some Android phones! But while both work well for iPhone(s).

Sadly, only Google Duo has an iPad app so far; but it seems they’ll be releasing their own soon enough, which should pair nicely with its already available desktop version.

WhatsApp has a desktop client for both Windows and macOS. It can also be used through a web browser.

Google Duo is only available on computers through the web version.

However, WhatsApp does not support making video calls on your computer. You can only do it from Duo.

User Interface

When it comes to apps like Duo and WhatsApp, there are some similarities but also key differences. For one thing, when you open up the app Duo, your front camera will be on display for all others in the call.

This is a nice feature that makes video calling easy even if you’re not very tech-savvy!

On Whatsapp, though it’s different, while any of these chat services have their special features. It is important to note what everyone prefers before deciding which app they want to use.

When using WhatsApp, users can either start chatting with someone or head over into the Calls tab, where they’ll find the Video Call button at the top left corner ready for them to make an instant connection without delay!

Number of Participants

Video calling apps may seem very similar on the surface, but each app has its own set of features that make it unique.

Google Duo is one such example that limits group calls to 8 people. However, reports are suggesting they’re working towards increasing this limit in the future.

WhatsApp allows up to 4 participants per video call – a feature some prefer over other chat services because phone numbers could be saved for later use and sharing with others.

So you don’t have to give them out again or search through your contacts list every time if someone new wants an invite too!

Calling Features

With WhatsApp, you can text people and voice or video call them. However, the app is also great for social media-like features with its ephemeral status feature.

On the contrary, Google Duo puts video calling at the forefront of all communication needs by allowing users to make only voice calls if they want to save on data usage in addition to a few other nifty benefits like free international phone numbers so that friends from different countries could connect easier without paying anything extra!

Let’s see what features you get in each app:

(a) Messaging

Google Duo is an app that offers a range of features not found in other messaging apps. Unlike WhatsApp, the text chatting function on Google Duo doesn’t support true message sending; it only supports temporary messages and videos with sound or pictures from your camera roll for 24 hours before they disappear. You can also create notes to share with friends!

WhatsApp offers a ton of messaging features such as voice notes, photo-sharing and more! However, the one thing that sets it apart from competitors is its privacy.

Unlike Google Duo, where messages disappear in 24 hours, WhatsApp lets you keep all your chats forever until you delete them – so nothing can be lost if they’re accidentally sent to someone else by mistake!

Whatsapp Video Call

(b) Filters and Effects

Google Duo offers some pretty cool video chat features that are not present on WhatsApp. When you open the screen to shoot a message, there’s an option for Effects and Filters right next to it!

Use any of these filters before sending your message off – they make messages more fun and exciting than usual.

(c) File and Screen Sharing

WhatsApp supports file sharing but does not offer a screen-sharing feature compared to other video call apps.

(d) Knock Knock

On Google Duo, you can see someone’s video before they answer the call. If you don’t want this feature, turn it off in the settings. WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature.


WhatsApp and Google Duo both offers end-to-end encryption for making safe your calls.

Low Data Mode

Video calls use a lot of data. If you are on a limited plan, it is good that both apps help with this.

On Duo, go to Settings > Call settings and enable Data Saving mode.

On WhatsApp, go to Settings > Data and storage usage. Enable Low data usage.


Both Google Duo and WhatsApp are free to use. You get the same features on both apps, but you only have to pay for data used by these apps, which is a small price to pay.

WhatsApp vs. Google Duo: Final Words

Google Duo has made a significant push into the market of video calling apps with their recent update. The app is more reliable and safe for private use because it uses less data and offers higher quality and allows for up to 8 people at once!

WhatsApp may be better when you want texting or file-sharing features since they are compatible across many different platforms (not just Android).

If those don’t matter too much to you, then either would work out great!

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