Does Facebook Own These Apps Or Services, Know 12 Apps

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Does Facebook own these apps or services? With more exceeding than 2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Through mergers, acquisitions, and its development team, Facebook has amassed an impressive array of companies and brands under its umbrella.

Since 2005, Facebook has globalized about 50 companies, and most of them are considered talent acquisitions. Recently, Facebook development company Protogio Way and its Moves app snatched it. If you desire to know more in-depth about the issue, continue reading to find out.

Does Facebook Own These Apps Or Services

Does Facebook own these apps?

There are some apps to ask for ownership. Let me answer your question is “does Facebook own these apps?.


FriendFeed bought it in 2008 for $47.5 million. One of the first companies to invest in Facebook was FriendFeed, which collects data from social media sites, blogs, articles, and RSS feed. FriendFeed has stopped operations, but its features are often seen in the Newsfeed.

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Facebook earned the team and technology behind Pittsburgh Mobile Technologies, launching a speech recognition and translation that made the app Jibbigo. Facebook said it would support Jibbigo “for the time being,” – but members of the Mobile Technologies team will join Facebook’s engineering team at Menlo Park.

Jibbigo was launched in 2009. It allows you to select from more than 25 languages ​​and record a voice clip or type in the text. It will then serve as a translation. Of voice search to translating news feed posts, numerous records have suggested that Facebook can do a lot with its technology.

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Facebook acquired it in 2009. It’s a social Q&A website that helps users post questions on various topics and get answers, and also creates a similar Facebook app to help users raise questions to online friends. Facebook continues to work as a separate service as, and it says the Friend.Ly team will also focus on new projects on Facebook.

It’s unknown what the team has arranged on Facebook during the last five years.

Facebook gained most of the resources of, a start-up that allowed users to personally share files through a drag-and-drop interface with extra options like phone calls and faxing in 2010.

The company’s founder, Sam Lessin, joined Facebook the full time, when quickly shut down, meaning the acquisition was another “acqui-hire” for Facebook. Laser, who studied with Zuckerberg at Harvard University and was an angel investor in Hot Potato, was also influential on Facebook’s decision to acquire Hot Potato.

Atlas Solution

When Facebook bought Atlas Solutions from Microsoft in 2013, experts described the deal as something that could change the world of advertising and allow Facebook to compete more effectively against Google.

Atlas Solutions, which acts as an individual entity, allows companies to track their effectiveness in their social media campaigns.

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This acquisition was a game-changer. As of 2012, Facebook had spent millions of dollars on other companies. But now it costs billions. Notably, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock, making it (at the time) the largest acquisition of social media today.

Instagram allows users to share photos and utilize stylized filters. And it has become an app that can be downloaded to Android and iPhone. Through Instagram, Facebook has become a great mobile player – a region that has dominated the social network ever since. In April 2014, Facebook declared that it was hitting 1 billion active mobile users monthly.

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ProtoGeo Oy

In April 2014, Facebook added a long list of acquisitions to other apps, including WhatsApp and Instagram, including Movies, a fitness tracking app, and its prototype development company. Moved will continue to run as a single application. Initially, Facebook said it was not interested in incorporating fitness technology into services. It seems to be keenly interested in expanding social networks.

Facebook bought an Israeli startup that specializes in facial recognition technology known as Facebook. The service provided software that allows Facebook members to identify and tag photos of their friends. It scans merely photos uploaded by Facebook users and then suggests you to friends who want to tag you. With the purchase announcement, has announced removing APIs “to focus on new Facebook products.”



Messenger, with more than one billion users, is one of the most successful applications on Facebook. Formerly known as Facebook Chat, this app has made Facebook a titan in instantaneous messaging. It additionally features voice and video calling and has enhanced the default form of millions of digital communications worldwide.

Oculus VR

When Facebook handled $2 billion for virtual reality startup Oculus VR in 2014, the technology industry collectively turned a blind eye. Virtual reality is something that many tech insiders like to dream of, but there were a few severe supporters. Companies are now scrambling to create headsets that will dominate the industry, while game developers are pushing themselves to form new VR games.

While the business is still young, it is secure to say that Facebook supported virtual reality to enter the mainstream by acquiring Oculus VR.



WhatsApps $19 billion acquisition of Facebook in 2014 has overtaken all other acquisitions. It makes monetization more convenient in places like Africa, the world’s preferred instant messaging platform, where mobile payments are already routine.

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Does Facebook own twitter?

does facebook own twitter

No Facebook (company) does not own Twitter (company). One of the founders, Jack Dorsey (business person) (Twitter handle @ Jack), still leads the company and is one of the founders behind Square (company), the mobile payments app company too.

Final thoughts

In this article, we only mention the ownership of Facebook by the most popular apps and companies to answer that does Facebook own these apps or not. Of course, as a general list of Facebook products and acquisitions, there are many more small purchases among them. And the empire of Facebook keeps growing, so if you come up with some brilliant ideas that Facebook finds attractive, you can be lucky with it.

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