How To Delete Preinstalled Apps On Samsung TV

Samsung has announced smart TV that is used as an Android TV. There is support for all kinds of android applications on this intelligent television. Sometimes we install an available app that is no need to use. Unused software slows the smart TV because installed software uses the space of Ram and Rom. When the storage makes the Ram full, your television becomes slow.

preinstalled apps on Samsung TV


Why do you delete an application on Samsung TV?

  • Do not like the application.
  • Unused apps.
  • If you feel that some apps are not good for your family
  • When you want some storage empty, you have to delete the software on Samsung smart TV.

Now I am showing you how to delete preinstalled apps on Samsung smart TV.

How to delete preinstalled apps on Samsung Smart TV

There is a lot of models of Samsung smart television. The apps deleting system for all of the models may be the same such as 2020 (T/TS) series TVs, 2019 (R/RU/Q/LS), 2018 (N/NU/Q/LS) and 2017 (M/MU/Q/LS). Now I will show the process of some of the models of Samsung smart TV that may delete preinstall apps.

  • Firstly, press the home key of the TV remote, which accesses your smart TV.
  • Select the directional ring and pad to select apps.
  • You can show apps on your screen and choose app settings.
  • Now delete your apps which you want to delete.
  • Tap the select button on the remote and find out the pop-up menu and choose the delete button.


Question: Can you delete factory installed apps?

Ans: Yes, you can delete factory installed apps on Samsung TV.

Question: Do I set up 3rd party Software on my Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Yes, it is also possible to set up 3rd party software.

All of the model’s apps deleting system may be the same for Samsung Smart TV. So, for removing the apps, go to the home screen and press the directional down button, and then select the remove option.

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