How to clean CDs that skip easily

To save a CD from destroying, it’s essential to clean them properly. Several ways can be applied to clean CDs at home. Many people like to use cd cleaning cloth to remove deep scratches from a CD.

You can also use rubbing alcohol as a cd cleaner. To finish the cleaning effectively, follow our instructions.

How to clean CDs that skip

How to clean CDs at home

You can clean the CD easily at home. It would be best if you clean it using liquid soap or toothpaste. The cleaning process can be done by gently rubbing around with your fingers using the materials.

Now maybe you think what to use between soap and toothpaste. In my opinion, toothpaste works better than soaps.

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How to clean a CD or DVD that skip?

Cleaning a CD is an easy process. Here is the step by step process to do the job. You should not use Windex as a cleaner.

Step 1


Put one drop of liquid soap and rub it with your fingers. Do not use any clothes because it can be caused of scratch your CD. If the CD is not working properly, you can use toothpaste.

Step 2


Now you have to clean up soap or toothpaste with a small amount of water. Do the work with your fingers, not clothes.

Step 3


At this step, you have to leave it to dry. A cd should be dried naturally. Keep it in a dry place and wait until it dries.

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What causes a CD to skip?

Fingerprint, dust, and dirt prevent the CD from circulation. When a CD or DVD is too dirty, it can be caused of the skip and does not play property.

Can you clean CDS with vinegar?

Yes. You can clean a CD or DVD with vinegar—all you need to use pure undiluted vinegar and rubbing around.

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Final Thoughts

To keep the CD always safe and in motion, you need to be cleaned before it gets dirty. This cleaning process will make your CD last longer.

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