How to Access SD Card on Galaxy S7

Accessing the SD card is essential for many reasons. To know what is stored on the SD card is one of the reasons. What I meant was you should know how to access the SD card on Galaxy S7, if you use that phone. Now, those who don’t know can follow this guide.

How to Access SD Card on Galaxy S7

How Do I Access My SD Card on My Samsung Galaxy S7?

With these steps, you will be able to aces your SD card on Samsung S7:

Step-1: Firstly, you have to power off your phone.

Step-2: Now, on the top of your phone, there is the SIM tray where the SIM card and SD card are placed. You have to use the eject tool or pin that comes with the phone and open the tray.

Step-3: It’s time to insert the SD card on the tray.

Step-4: Close the SIM tray, and you are done.

Things You All Should Know about Galaxy S7’s SD Card Slot

You all should consider and know these things about Galaxy S7’s SD card slot:

  • You won’t be able to move all apps to the SD card.
  • If you remove the SD card, the SIM card is going to be removed as well.
  • All videos and pictures will be saved to the SD card by default.
  • SD card pictures will be odd to handle for some third-party apps.
  • For safety reasons, you should encrypt the SD card of yours.


Take a look at these frequently asked questions and their answers:

Question: How Do I Set My SD Card as Default Storage on Galaxy S7?

Answer: On the Home screen, press Apps>Camera. Then press on the Camera settings icon. Now, scroll down and click on Storage location. Choose the SD card for the default save location.

Question: Can You Move Apps to SD Card on Galaxy S7?

Answer: Yes. All you need to do is to select Apps. Now, locate the app you want to move, and then tap on it. Then again, tap on the Change button and choose the SD card.

Question: How Do I View My SD Card?

Answer: It’s easy you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Android’s Home screen. On there, press the option called Apps and open up the list of your device’s install applications.
  2. Now, you have to scroll down through the list of My Files. However, the icon will look like a manila folder. Just press the SD Card option. It will display all the data of your SD card.

Question: Why Can’t I See My SD Card on My Phone?

Answer: The reason is most probably the outdated memory or SD card driver. Your smartphone may not be able to detect or read the SD card of yours properly. So, you have to update the driver software, and it will solve your problem.


I hope these steps are enough to help you with your issue. But, if they don’t work, then make sure to do them again correctly.

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