How to Access SD Card on Galaxy S10

Rob Leung

You use Samsung Galaxy S10 but don’t know how to access the SD card on Galaxy S10. Well, it’s an easy task, and you can do that by following the steps that I am going to show you. But, you have to follow those steps correctly, and you will only need your SD card tray removal tool.

How to Access SD Card on Galaxy S10

How to Insert SD Card on Samsung Galaxy S10?

Follow these steps:

Step-1: At first, you have to turn off the device of yours. That’s because if you insert the SD of yours while the phone is turned on, then the data could get corrupted.

Step-2: You now have to remove the card tray, and you can do that with the removal tool. Just insert the tool to the small hole on top of your phone.

Step-3: After taking out the tray, you have to insert the SD card into the tray. The card will fit perfectly on the slot. But, if your SD card is moving, then you are not doing it right.

Step-4: Insert the SD card correctly.

Step-6: After that, insert the card tray.

Step-7: Press the tray properly to lock it.

How to Remove the SD card on Galaxy S10?

Follow these steps to remove your SD card:

Step-1: Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Step-2: Then remove the card tray. You can use the removal tool that you have got with the phone. Just insert the tool on the small hole of the top of your phone.

Step-3: Now, remove the SD card from the tray. You can simply lift the card up from the bottom.

Step-4: After removing the tray, you have to reinsert the tray.

Step-5: Press the tray properly to lock it.

Best SD Cards for Samsung Galaxy S10

There are many SD cards available in the market. But, these are the most suitable ones Galaxy S10:

Samsung Evo Select 128GB

It is one of the best and suitable SD cards for Galaxy S10. It fits perfectly, and its capacity is great too. It doubles the device’s base storage, and it is cheap as well.

PNY Elite-X 128GB

It is also an excellent SD that you will be able to get at a good value. Its capacity is great. Besides, it lasts long, and I am personally using it for five years.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB

It is an affordable and handy SD card. Now, this 64GB card can increase the storage capacity of the Galaxy S10 smartphone up to 50% at a very low price.

Kingston Canvas React 256GB

Its storage capacity is 256GB, and it will take a while to fill even if you store 4K videos, hundreds of games, and other files. Its price is not that high, but its quality is great.

Lexar 633x 512GB

Its storage capacity is 512GB, and that is more than enough to store movies, videos, games, and other big files. It has the capacity to play 4K movies fast, and its price is affordable.

SanDisk Extreme 512GB

When it comes to trusted SD card brands, SanDisk is the one to buy. The majority of people use this card for their phones. It is best for Galaxy S10. Its capacity is 512GB, and its price is affordable as well.


Let’s take a look at some questions and answer related to S10 phones:

Question: How Do I Set My SD Card as Default Storage on Samsung Galaxy S10?

Answer: You have to slide down the notification bar of the S10 phone. Tap on the Settings and scroll down. Now, you have to tap on the Device Care option, and on there, you will find info about your storage. However, to make SD card default for camera photos, you have to go to Camera> Settings> Storage location> select SD card as default.

Question: Why Can’t I View Pictures on My SD Card?

Answer: It could happen because the SD card has been corrupted, formatted, or damaged. On the other hand, the pictures aren’t getting recognized, that can happen because the SD card is write-protected or encrypted.


I hope now you will be able to access your SD card on Galaxy S10. At the same time, the SD cards I mentioned, you should use them, because those are the best.

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