How to Access SD Card on Galaxy S9

You are a Samsung Galaxy S9 user, and you want to know how to access the SD card on Galaxy S9. That’s why you are here. Well, it’s an easy task. You only need a pin that you got with the phone and follow the steps in the following article. Now, suppose, you can’t access the SD card, then you can also use the solutions that I have stated.

How to Access SD Card on Galaxy S9

How to Insert or Remove SD Card on Samsung Galaxy S9?

Just follow these steps to do so:

Step-1: Locate the SIM tray. The SIM tray is probably on the top of your Galaxy S9 phone.

Step-2: You have a pin that came with the phone. Use that pin and eject it on the small hole to open the SIM tray. (Note: To make sure your data is safe; you have to unmount your SD card before removing).

Step-3: SD card also has to be placed on the same tray with SIM card. Now, the tray is out, so insert or remove the SD card.

Some Limitations of Using SD Card on Galaxy S9

There are some certain limitations for your SD card that you need to follow if you use Galaxy S9, and those are:

  • You won’t be able to use the SD card of yours to expand the internal storage of the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone as well as Galaxy S9+. That’s because the Samsung tech giant never supports adaptable storage.
  • There are some apps on the Galaxy S9 that you won’t be able to move to the SD card. It is actually decided by the developers, so you can’t help it.
  • But, let us suppose you have moved an application to the SD card. But still, there will be some files that are going to be saved on the phone storage. There’s no possible way to move an entire app to the SD card on Galaxy S9 or S9+.
  • If you ever encrypt the SD of yours on Galaxy S9, then there’s no other device that can read the contents of that card.

Why My SD Card Is Not Detected on Samsung Galaxy S9 and How to Solve It?

So, you are trying to access your SD card on Galaxy S9, but your phone is not detecting the SD card. Well, lots of things can happen; that’s why it’s not getting detected like a busted card, SD card slot problem, etc. Let’s see how to fix these issues:

Restart Your Device

There’s a good possibility that a software malfunction is stopping your S9 phone from detecting the SD card. In that case, you can restart or reboot the device.

  • Press and hold the Power button for a while until the menu appears on your screen.
  • Choose the Power off option from the menu.
  • Then press on the Ok button, and your phone will be shut down.
  • After a minute, again press the Power button and power on the phone.

Unmount and Then Remove the SD Card

If you unmount the phone and remove it, then it will be detected. But, you have to first unmount and then remove to avoid data corruption. Follow these steps to unmount:

  • At first, go to Settings.
  • Search for Storage and select it.
  • Tap on More Options.
  • Choose Storage settings.
  • Lastly, press on Unmount.
  • When it’s done, carefully remove your SD card.

Mount and Unmount the SD Card

Your phone’s data or files can be corrupted or crashed, and it could be the reason that your SD card is not get detected. That’s because it directly affects the SD card reading function. In that case, you can unmount and mount the device to fix this issue:

You can unmount the phone of yours with the above steps, and to mount it go to Settings> Storage > SD card. From there, you must choose the option Mount SD card.

Format SD Card

If the above methods are not helping at all, then you must format your SD card. It will erase all data and files from the card, and it will eventually erase that file, app malfunction, or another factor that is causing this problem.

  • Go to Home.
  • Open the Apps tray.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll down, find, and press Storage.
  • Choose the SD card.
  • Some options will appear, among them, select Format.


I guess these methods and steps will help you to access your SD card on Samsung Galaxy S9. If you can’t get access, then identify the problem and use these solutions that I discussed.

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