What Happens When You Clear Google Play Services Data?

Google Play is the application in your Android phone where you could download apps, games, movies, shows, books, news, and publications. Each application, service, or file can be downloaded either for free or for a fee (one-time or recurring). The Google Play service is part of the Android operating system.

Each Google app operates by the Google Play service. Have any problems with Google Play Store or Google Play Service? We will try to solve all questions here.

What Happens When You Clear Google Play Services Data


What Happens When I Clear Data of Google Play Service?

When you clear the Google Play Service data, you can fix some problems that you need to solve. Clearing the data on your Google Play Service will delete the app’s data permanently. It will delete all files, settings, accounts, and databases of your Google Play account. However, it will not delete your Google Account nor will it delete your installed apps.

Clearing Cache and Data File from The Google Play Services is one of the most common solutions to fix errors related to Google Play Store while installing updating Google Apps like Error 495, Error 941, Error 403, Error 919, etc.

Now here are some examples of issues that can be fixed by clearing the data of Google Play services below:

  1. Download pending.
  2. In-app content not received.
  3. Play Store showing incorrect balance.
  4. The Play Store is not working.
  5. Unable to update any app or a particular app etc.

Above all, problems will be solved by clearing the data of Google Play Service.

So, if you want all issues to solve at a time, you should update your Google Play Service because all bugs problems can be fixed by the Google play service.

How to Clear Data on Google Play Service

You should follow some rules for clearing data on Google Play Service. You should maintain that Google Play is a service that updates day by day.

Clearing the cache and data file of the Google Play Store resolves many issues like download pending, in-app content not received, Play Store showing incorrect balance, Play Store not working, unable to update any app or a particular app, etc.

Here are the steps to clear data on Google Playa Service:

  1. Open the Settings option of your device.
  2. Now, tap on “Apps or Application Manager.”
  3. See all the apps
  4. From the list, select the “Google Play Store” app.
  5. Then, tap on it and select “Storage and cache”
  6. Finally, click on “Clear storage”.
  7. A warning will appear. Just tap OK. It will also clear cache.

“Clear storage” gives the app a fresh start and could help fix issues.

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