What happens if you turn off computer during windows update

Rob Leung

Everyone wants to stay with the latest technology. You are probably no exception to that. When you update your desktop or laptop to the latest version of the technology, you should make sure that the PC doesn’t shut down while installing Windows 10. Here’s why you should be careful.

Why windows updates are important to be done regularly

There are so many reasons to be updated, especially when it comes to security. To protect your device from malicious attacks, it’s crucial to update regularly.

Each update comes with something new. Users can enjoy all of the new features after updated. It not only improves the stability of your software but also removes unnecessary functions.

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Know what happens if you turn off the computer during windows update for 7 or 10

If you shut down your computer during the Windows update, there is a high possibility of getting stuck.

Normally, software updates take time. So you have to wait until the update is finished. Do not turn off because it can make your computer unbootable.

Then you need to complete the reinstallation of windows. Also, it can make your files corrupted.

As a result, some features of the Operating system will be unusable and crash.

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Can I turn off PC during the update?

You can’t turn off the PC during the update. Unfortunately, If it happens, the result can be harmful to the device, and you have to start the update process again.

Can I use my computer while Windows is updating?

You can use the computer while it is updating, but it would be better if you don’t use it. Although doing simple activities is safe, but you should avoid playing games.

Otherwise, there is a possibility of receiving an error during installation.

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All of these updates are important for the windows. Never turned off your PC while updating. Enjoy the latest updates and make a better experience.

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