How to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S8 without Tool

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S8 requires an eject tool to open the SIM tray. Without it, you won’t be able to insert or remove your SIM or SD card. Now, assume, you forgot to carry the eject tool and need to remove the SD card, what will you do then? Well, you can use these alternative tools to open the tray and remove the SD card.

How to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S8 without Tool

Alternative Tools to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S8

To remove the SD card from the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, you will need a SIM tray removal tool. But, if you don’t have that tool, you can use these as an alternative:


It is one of the best alternatives to the ejection pin that open the SIM tray. I use it all the time when I forgot my eject tool. Now, if you want to use the paperclip as the eject tool, you have to strip down to the bare metal. However, the ones that are fancy in color with plastic-coated are going to be too thick. But, you will be able to remove a portion of it to get the bare metal with the scissors or knife.

After that, you just have to bend one of the sides out, so you have a piece of metal small enough to jam into the SIM tray hole. Now, you can insert it and press to eject your card from the Galaxy S8 device of yours.


Paperclips are useful, but in many cases, you won’t find paperclips everywhere. However, you will definitely find a stapler. You can use the thin metal prong on the single staple and force the SIM tray on your S8 smartphone.

I personally used a staple once, and it really worked for me. On the other hand, if you use other smartphones like the iPhone or others, you will be able to use it easily and open the SIM tray without any issue.

Sewing Pin

Suppose, you are in your mother’s or grandma’s house, and you forgot to bring the eject tool for your Galaxy S8 phone. Now, what to do? Well, you can use a sewing pin that will be pretty handy on your mother’s or grandma’s house. All you have to do is borrow the pin and insert it on the small hole of the top of the phone.

In the meantime, if you are in another place, you will still be able to find sewing equipment. You can use the sewing needle or sewing pin easily. It will fit on that small hole and will open the SIM tray, and you will be able to remove the SD card of yours.


A toothpick is another great alternative to the eject tool of Samsung Galaxy S8. You will be able to find it at any restaurant or shop near you. On the other hand, many people carry them personally. So, it won’t be very hard to get your hands one of these when you need them to open your SIM tray.

You know I always forgot to carry my eject tool, and when I need to open the SIM tray, I use toothpick most of the time. It works just fine. But, I must warn you that some toothpicks are not that thin, and they might not fit on the hole of the eject tray.


Well, in the worst case, when you won’t find anything else to open your SIM tray, at that time, you can use an earring. Almost all the women have earrings, so it would be very handy and easy to use one of them to open the SIM card tray.

However, all styles of earrings won’t do the task like gauges. But, if you have small pin earrings, then you will be able to use it to open your SIM tray and remove the SD card on Galaxy S8. Moreover, I will recommend you to use those earrings, which are inexpensive. That is because there is a risk involved in breaking the earring.

Final Verdicts

The above-mentioned things are the best alternatives for the Galaxy S8 eject tool. In addition to that, those are handy and easy to use. I hope you will be able to open the SIM tray with them and remove the SD card easily.

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