How to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S7 | What To Do If SIM Tray Get Stuck

You use the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, and you need to remove your SD card, but don’t know how or facing trouble with the removal process. Well, not to worry, you can follow my instructions and remove your SD card. Besides, I have stated what to do when the SIM tray is stuck and can’t open the tray normally.

How to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S7

Guide to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S7

You can follow these steps and remove your SD card from Galaxy S7:

Step-1: You will find the SIM and SD card tray on the top of your smartphone. On top of that tray, there is a small hole.

Step-2: You have got an eject tool with your phone that you have to use to open the SIM tray. Just insert that tool on that small hole. The tray will then open.

Step-3: The tray contains SIM and SD card. You can easily remove the SD card from that tray.

Step-4: Now, you are done. After removing the SD card, you must close the tray and push it to lock the tray.

How to Unmount the SD Card?

You should always umount your SD card before removing it. However, unmounting the SD card will not erase your data or anything saved on the SD card. What is does is simply tell the phone of yours to stop showing things from the SD card. Now, the steps are:

Step-1: Go to home> Apps> Settings.

Step-2: Press on the Device maintenance> Storage.

Step-3: Tap on the three-dot option, which is More options> Storage settings.

Step-4: Press on the SD card> Unmount.

Step-5: You are done.

How to remove SD Card from Stuck SIM Card Tray on Galaxy S7?

You will probably face or already had faced a problem with your SIM tray that is stuck on the phone. Well, it happens and happened to me many times. Now, it happens because the tray hole gets jammed with dust or other things. At that time, the eject tool can’t go through the hole properly and can’t unlock the SIM tray.

If you ever encounter this problem, then you should insert the eject tool and up-side-down the phone. Make sure the eject tool is touched with the table, and the phone is above that tool. Then apply force on the tool, and it will open the tray. Always make sure that the tray hole is clear.

Moreover, if it doesn’t work, then take your phone to the servicing center. They will be able to fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People also ask many questions regarding this topic and Galaxy S7. Let’s take a look at those questions:

Q: Where Is the SD Card on a Galaxy S7?

A: The Samsung Galaxy S7 SD card is located on the top of the phone. More specifically, on the top of the phone, a SIM tray is located, and that tray contains the SIM and SD card.

Q: What’s the Biggest SD Card for Galaxy S7?

A: The biggest SD card for Galaxy S7 would be the SanDisk Ultra 200GB. It is one of the best and most suitable ones for Galaxy S7 users. It will provide you lots of extra space. Besides, it’s affordable too.

Q: How Do I Clear Space on My S7?

A: You can do that by deleting all unnecessary texts, pictures, and other files. You can also store your important files on your PC and free-up your SD card. Most importantly, clear Facebook application cache data.

Q: I Lost My Galaxy S7 Eject Tool, What Should I Do?

A: You don’t have to worry at all. That’s because you can use lots of alternative things to open your SIM tray. You can use a staple, sewing pin, sewing needle, earrings, and other stuff that has thick metal to insert on the tray hole.


I hope now you know how to remove the SD card from your Galaxy S7 device. Now, if you face any issue, then you should clean the SIM tray properly and then apply force on the eject tool. Otherwise, you must take the phone to the nearest servicing center.

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