How to Make an Infinity Symbol On Android

Rob Leung

Infinity Symbol on Android

The mathematical infinity symbol  can be found on the Android and iPhone keyboards.

In this article, we will outline the steps to make an Infinity sign using your Google Gboard keyboard app, the default keyboard for the Google Pixel range, and Android phones. Without further ado, here are the steps how to find the infinity symbol on your Android phone.

How to Make an Infinity Symbol Text On Android

In order to make an Infinity Symbol Text on an Android phone, follow the steps on your phone’s keyboard below:

  1. Tap ?123
  2. Tap =\<
  3. Long press =
  4. You will see the symbols , ≠, and .  Swipe to the leftmost option, which is the infinity symbol (∞). 

How to Copy and Paste Infinity Symbol Text

In case you would like to save time and simply copy and paste the Infinity Symbol, simply click on the text below. It will copy the content to your personal clipboard, from which you can choose where to paste it.

To copy and paste the infinity symbol text, simply click the text below and copy it on your keyboard.

[copy text=”Copy ∞” content=”∞”] [copy text=”Click here” content=”∞”]


How to Make an Infinity Symbol Emoji On Android

In order to make an Infinity Symbol Emoji on an Android phone, follow the steps on your phone’s keyboard below:

  1. Long tap the Emoji key with the smiley face and comma ☺,
  2. Once the emojis come up, search under SYMBOLS
  3. Locate and select the Infinity Symbol emoji.
  4. Select the Infinity Emoji .

Alternatively, you could type “infinity” in the emoji search text box, and it will give you the Infinity Symbol Emoji. 

What does the Infinity Symbol Mean?

The infinity symbol is used in mathematics or physics to refer to things without any limit. Aside from being a mathematical symbol, it can have a spiritual meaning too.

For example, we could say that all the natural numbers have no limit and so could be expressed by the infinity sign. The symbol itself comes from the ouroboros or uroboros serpent or dragon eating its tail. It is an ancient Egyptian and Greek symbol depicting something perpetual and cyclic.

Infinity is not a specific real number. Rather, it describes an infinitely large quantity without a beginner or an end.

Because of its meaning, the infinity symbol is also often used by couples who are in love. They can be seen either in wedding rings or in tattoos. Infinity, in this case, becomes a symbol or a promise to love each other until the end of their lives and beyond. The infinity symbol, in this context, symbolizes eternity.