How to Type the Japanese Yen Sign On Android

Rob Leung

The Japanese Yen (¥) symbol denotes Japan’s official currency. After the US Dollar and Euro, it’s the third most traded currency.

In this article, we will outline the steps to make a “Japanese Yen” sign using your Google Gboard keyboard app, the default keyboard for the Google Pixel range, and Android phones. Without further ado, here are the steps on how to find the Japanese Yen Sign on your Android phone.

How to Type the Japanese Yen Sign On Android

In order to make a Japanese Yen Text on an Android phone, follow the steps on your phone’s keyboard below:

  1. Tap ?123
  2. Tap =\<
  3. You will see the Japanese Yen Sign available (¥).  Select it.

Here’s another way to type Japanese Text on an Android phone:

  1. Tap ?123
  2. Long-press the US dollar sign ($)
  3. You will see the Japanese Yen Sign available (¥). Select it.

How to Copy and Paste Japanese Yen Sign Text

In case you would like to save time and simply copy and paste the Japanese Yen Sign, simply click on the text below. It will copy the content to your personal clipboard, from which you can choose where to paste it.

To copy and paste the “Japanese Yen” sign text, simply click the text below and copy it on your keyboard.


Copy ¥ Click here


What does the Japanese Yen Sign (¥) Mean?

Currency symbols are as old as cash itself, and they tell traders what medium of exchange they’re dealing in. The currency symbol allows countries all over the world to shorten different forms of exchange. Symbols serve as abbreviations, or codes, for each currency. Japan uses the Japanese Yen Sign (¥).

In 1871, the Meiji government adopted the Japanese Yen as Japan’s modern currency unit, replacing the previous complex monetary system where Japan’s fiefs had incompatible denominations. The Bank of Japan controls it.

The Japanese Yen sign is 1.5 grams of gold or 24.26 grams of silver. And the Japanese Yen sign is usually placed before the value, like ¥100.

Because of its history of zero rates, the Japanese Yen is a popular funding currency. It is the third-most traded currency in the world after the US Dollar and the Euro.