How To Change the App Grid on Android 12

Almost all Android smartphone users will want to customize their phone’s wallpaper and style. One of the style options you may wish to modify is the app grid. The app grid represents how the apps displayed on your smartphone are arranged in rows and columns. In most cases, your phone will have a 5×5 app grid layout by default.

In this article, you will learn about the app grid and how to change the app grid of your Android 12 smartphone.

What is the app grid?

Apps can be moved, arranged, removed, and even grouped on your phone screen in a variety of ways. You can accomplish this by dragging apps left, right, up, or down to specific locations of your choice. In any case, the app layout will be fixed in a row-and-column format. We call this the app grid. 

App Grid – 3×3

(Android 12)

App Grid – 4×4

(Android 12)

Your Android phone’s app grid is basically a layout arranging your phone’s apps into rows and columns. A 5×5 grid will have five apps per row spanning five rows, and a 3×3 grid will have three apps per row spanning three rows.


The app grid size can be changed to show more or fewer apps on your home screen.


Although there is a visual grid, the grid lines are hidden and remain that way. It will not be possible for you to display it, even if you wish to do so.

Changing app grid on Android 12


It is possible that the default app grid of your Android 12 phone may not suit your needs or preferences. It would be possible to change the app grid to something else in this case.

As an example, if you change from 5×5 to 4×4, each phone screen will display 16 apps instead of 25.

More apps on your screen will result in smaller app icons. In contrast, fewer apps on your screen will result in larger app icons.

How do I change the app grid size on Android 12?

Every time you choose an app grid option, you’ll see a preview, and then you can select it to apply it.
Below is a step-by-step guide on how to change the app grid of your Android 12 phone.
  1. Tap Settings (or long-press an empty area on the home screen)
  2. Tap Wallpaper & style
  3. Tap App grid

4. Select the app grid you want
5. Tap Apply

The app grid will be successfully set on your Android 12 phone.

App grid options on Android 12

Presented here are some of the available app grid layouts for phone apps currently available on Android 12 mobile phones (tested with Google Pixel, as of April 2022):

  • 5×5
  • 4×4
  • 4×5
  • 3×3
  • 2×2