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18 Film Mysteries That Baffle Audiences to This Day

Rob Leung

Movies often play tricks on us, leaving us hanging with questions that burn long after …

20 Legendary ‘80s Cult Movies True Fans Can’t Miss

Rob Leung

Over the decades, certain films manage to capture audiences in such a way that they …

10 Movies That Are Not Allowed in Countries Around the World

Rob Leung

Society interprets art differently, sometimes leading to controversial reactions and outright bans. What might be …

18 Films That Correctly Predicted the Future

Rob Leung

Sometimes, the line between fiction and reality blurs in the world of cinema. Over the …

20 Action Comedies That Nail Humor and Excitement

Rob Leung

Action comedies are like the perfect mixtape of humor and adrenaline-pumping thrills. Think buddy cop …



Greatest TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Ended So Soon

While some TV shows manage to reach their natural conclusions, many don’t. Often, great TV …

15 Best TV Shows of All Time

There have been countless TV shows over the years, but only a select few have …

12 TV Shows That Don’t Have a Single Skippable Episod

Some TV shows are so consistently good that every episode is worth watching. Here are …


18 Words We’re Using Less and Less

Language evolves and changes over time, and English is no exception. These 18 historically common words have since become archaic terms that make most people …

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15 Myths from the ‘60s That Were Later Debunked

With the threat of the Cold War, huge technological advancements, and an obsession with space, the people of the 1960s had an impressive vision for …

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18 Appliances You Should Never Leave On

Household appliances often use electricity when they are not in use. This phantom power use drives up electricity bills and your home’s carbon footprint. Some …

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18 Insights Only Ivy League Students Can Relate To

Most of us will never understand what it is like to attend an Ivy League school. For this reason, there are things only the selected …

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