Is 8GB RAM Enough For Gaming PC In 2021

One of the most common questions that people ask when building a gaming PC is, “is 8GB RAM enough for a gaming PC?”

The answer to this question can be complicated, but it boils down to what you plan on doing with your gaming PC.

Many gamers wonder if 8GB RAM Memory is enough to run the latest generation video games.

8GB RAM will work well if you only use your computer for light tasks like browsing the internet and word processing.

8GB will not work well if you plan on running multiple programs at once or want to use high-end graphics software like Photoshop.

is 8gb ram enough for gaming pc

Why Is RAM Memory Crucial For A PC?

RAM or Random-access memory is important for your computer because it allows the operating system to store data that has recently been used.

Programs that run on the computer simultaneously consume RAM memory. This is a reality that must be accepted, even in the background.

This RAM is one of the components of the computer that allows us to enjoy, for example, web browsing, rendering content, or playing music and videos. All these things can be done while we carry out other activities with the device too.

In theory, for a program to run correctly, it first needs to be loaded into RAM.

Another aspect that hurts users’ budgets and requires higher quality components is updated operating systems like Microsoft. The newly installed Windows 7 consumes around 1GB of RAM, while Windows 10 easily exceeds that figure.

8GB of RAM will allow you to run multiple programs simultaneously without much delay, but 8GB RAM performance could be improved with more memory.

In general, the software that currently uses the most resources, and that anyone has on their computer, is Google Chrome and Firefox.

As is evident, the amount increases as a consequence of the tabs that are kept open simultaneously.


Will 8GB RAM Memory Work In Video Games?

Video games have also been altered by the consumption of RAM that these programs require to work.

A couple of years ago, it was possible to navigate and play easily with just 8GB of RAM Memory. But today, this feat will not be executed with the same results.

Just as the constant Windows updates consume more resources, the realistic effects, physics, environments, and other elements added in current titles quickly come to encompass much of that capacity.

To enjoy various games on a computer with Windows 10, 8GB of RAM should be enough to run the latest generation games without maximum graphics.

But if you want to avoid jerks and lags in solo or multiplayer games, it is advisable to expand it to 16GB of RAM.

Of course, the price demanded by the components is excessive for many people, not everyone can afford even the 8GB of RAM.

Below is a table showing the minimum RAM system requirement for various games (as of December 2021):


Game Minimum RAM Requirement (GB)
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 8 GB
Hitman 3 8 GB
Red Dead Redemption 2 8 GB
Ghostrunner 8 GB
Control 8 GB
Apex Legends 6 GB
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 6 GB
Fortnite 4 GB
The Walking Dead 3 GB


How Much RAM Do I Need For A Gaming PC?

You can play many older games with just 4 GB of RAM. Nowadays, modern games are more complex and need more RAM for memory. This means that you will not be able to play these games with just 4 GB of RAM capacity.

If you want your computer to be very powerful, or you want it to do things like video editing or heavy multitasking, then 16GB is a good upgrade. This might not make a difference in games right away, but it will be worth it in the long run.

A computer can have 4, 8, 16, or even 32 GB of RAM. That means its memory. The higher the number, the more memory it has.


It is found on regular PCs and on computers that still have an operating system that is 32 bits. It can also be used for office computers. But, it is not recommended for playing games in 2021 and beyond.


Currently, the minimum for a gaming PC is 8 GB of RAM. Games will run without any problem with this amount. If you want newer, more demanding games, you might have to make some changes in the graphics.

16 GB RAM:

In today’s world, it is enough to have enough RAM for gaming. You won’t run out of RAM even if you play a lot of games. If your computer isn’t running any memory-intensive programs in the background, then it is enough.

32 GB RAM:

It is becoming increasingly popular to build your gaming computer. Some people are doing this to make sure that their computers will be able to do the things that happen in the future.

However, as I said before, 32 GB is not the limit for 64-bit operating systems or modern CPUs.

8gb ram for gaming pc

What Are The Best RAMs For PC Gaming?

RAM managed to evolve to become one of the most critical components when choosing a device, be it a laptop, a gaming desktop computer, or a Smartphone.

The more RAM you have, the greater the ability to analyze and store processes.

As a result, resource-intensive program slowdowns will not only be less frequent but may disappear altogether. Even other software could be opened simultaneously without inconvenience.

Increasing the performance of a PC is achieved by having several memory slots or incorporating a motherboard compatible with a type of high-end RAM.

RAM has gone through many versions to offer the quality and frequency in MHz that allow us to enjoy great games today. Among them are:

Static Random Access Memory:

Better known as SRAM. Compared to DRAM, it does not require as frequent updates. It is characterized by offering a speed that ranges between 60-140MHz. They were discontinued shortly after the birth of the DDR family.


Successor to SRAM, whose advantage lies in avoiding data redundancy in each clock cycle and offering a speed between 200-600Mhz.


This version provides higher performance and can work with speeds higher than 400Mhz and lower than 800MHz. Some current titles can be enjoyed with 8GB of RAM and moderate details.


The most used today thanks to its low power consumption, higher processing, data storage, and price. It is common in mid-range gaming PCs and laptops because it supports current games with 8GB and medium graphics.


Offers superior performance, with 40% lower power consumption and up to 50% bandwidth. Frequent in high-quality gaming PCs. They allow you to play current titles with good graphics without exceeding 8GB on desktop and laptop.

Video Random Access Memory:

Better known as VRAM. It differs from others because it allows its capacity to be shared on two computers simultaneously. It is also a cheaper alternative if you want better graphics performance.


Supports huge amounts of data; it also handles a fluctuating speed between 600-1100MHz, similar to DDR4. But it did not achieve the success they hoped for due to its high cost: few people allowed themselves this luxury.


What Type of RAM Is Right for Your Gaming PC?

RAM has come a long way since the early days of computing. It is constantly growing and becoming less expensive to produce, so we will see more and more RAM in our computers as time goes on.

There are several different types of RAM that can be included in your gaming pc: DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 & DDR4. DDR1 & DDR2, which were released in the early 2000s, are outdated, and it is unlikely that you will see them in any new computers.

In 2006, DDR3 became the standard for RAM. It was cheaper to produce than DDR2 and could store even more data. In 2011 AMD started using a variation of DRR4 called G-DDR3. It was faster and could use less power, but it wasn’t a standard, so not all motherboards could support it.

In 2013 the newest type of RAM was announced: DDR4. It is mostly used in high-end processors for gamers to improve their performance. But, some gaming desktops also have this type of RAM.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what RAM you have as long as you have enough to play your favorite games.


Is 8GB RAM Overkill For Gaming?

The answer depends on what you plan to do with your PC. 8GB is probably too much if you’re only planning to play simple games. You don’t need 8GB or 16GB of RAM if you’re playing a game that only requires 4GB of RAM. The game already has enough RAM.

However, if you want a more powerful computer that can do several things simultaneously without slowing down, then 8GB is good for you. Furthermore, several of the most popular new games available today have a minimum requirement of 8GB. It is therefore recommended that you have at least that amount of memory. This way, you won’t need upgrading each time you pick a game with a higher requirement.

But, if you plan on building your gaming PC, it is always better to have more than less. So feel free to get more RAM than the minimum. It will be worth it in the long run.

ram for gaming pc

How To Fix A Gaming PC With Low RAM

If your PC is having problems with low memory, it might be time to upgrade. You can do this by either adding another stick of the same type of RAM or you could switch to a different type such as DDR4.

Most people recommend buying two sticks so you can put them into your computer and have 8GB total rather than 4GB total.

Another way to fix your PC with low RAM is by buying a different type of RAM, such as DDR4 for gaming PCs. This will help you play the newest games better.

However, if you are building your computer, it is always best to get more memory rather than less. It’s kind of like trying to go grocery shopping with only $5 in your pocket. You don’t want to spend all of that money on one item and not get the things you need.

So, if you add more RAM space when building a computer, you won’t have to worry about running out of memory. And neither will your games.

Also, it might be a good idea for you to get a bigger hard drive. The standard size is 1TB, but if that isn’t big enough, you can upgrade to 2 or even 4 TB.

With your new gaming pc, you might also want an SSD instead of a hard drive. It’s faster and more powerful.

So with all things considered, 8GB is more than you need for gaming. But, since today’s high-end intensive games are so memory intensive, it is better to have a little extra if your PC needs it.


So, what’s the verdict? Is 8GB of RAM enough for gaming in 2021 and beyond?

The answer is generally, yes. If you plan on playing games like Fortnite or Apex Legends with high settings at 1080p, then yes. 8GB of RAM will be enough for gaming.

In order to play graphics-intensive games, gaming PCs and gaming laptops should have at least 8GB of RAM.

But if you want to play AAA titles at 1440p without any frame rate drops, it might be worth considering investing in more memory–or upgrading your system entirely.

Either way, get ready to spend some money! A better question may be whether or not there are benefits of having 16 GB of RAM over just 8 GB when it comes to PC gaming performance.

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