21 Most Popular Games on The Nintendo 64

Rob Leung

Super Mario 64

Pioneering the 3D platforming genre, players maneuvered Mario through the vast corridors of Peach’s castle. With its innovative controls, detailed graphics, and inventive missions, this game redefined what video games could achieve, drawing players into its captivating realms.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Journeying with Link, players traveled through time, facing an array of challenges. The game effortlessly blended action, adventure, and puzzle elements. Its immersive storytelling and meticulously crafted Hyrule ensured its spot as a revered classic.

GoldenEye 007

More than just a movie adaptation, this FPS allowed players to step into Bond’s shoes. Its immersive single-player missions combined with addictive multiplayer modes solidified it as one of the most cherished N64 titles, often sparking passionate gaming sessions.

Mario Kart 64

Beyond just a racing game, Mario Kart 64 added a twist with its playful power-ups. Tracks like Rainbow Road became iconic, and the joy of dodging a blue shell or nailing a shortcut was unparalleled, making each race a thrilling experience.

Super Smash Bros.

A unique fighting game, it featured iconic Nintendo characters in dynamic arenas. Whether it was Pikachu zapping or Mario jumping, every character brought distinct moves to the table, making every battle unpredictable and exhilarating.


Banjo the bear and Kazooie the bird traversed lush landscapes, from murky swamps to snowy peaks. Their journey, filled with intricate puzzles, quirky characters, and catchy tunes, remains a heartwarming memory for many N64 enthusiasts.

Star Fox 64

Beyond its engaging storyline, the game boasted memorable characters and branching paths. The interactive dialogues, varied missions, and intense boss battles showcased the game’s depth, providing a comprehensive space combat experience.

Paper Mario

Marrying RPG elements with platforming, Paper Mario offered a layered narrative and turn-based battles. The paper aesthetic wasn’t just a visual choice; it deeply influenced gameplay mechanics, adding depth and charm to Mario’s quest.

Donkey Kong 64

Beyond traditional platforming, the game incorporated unique abilities for each Kong, adding layers of strategy. With its detailed worlds, engaging mini-games, and the catchy DK rap, it was an unforgettable foray into DK Isles.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Differing from typical cute platformers, Conker’s journey was filled with edgy humor, pop culture parodies, and mature themes. Its variety in gameplay mechanics and unpredictable story turns made it a unique and bold title on the N64.

Pokémon Stadium

Beyond battles, the game offered mini-games and the chance to view Pokémon in 3D. It complemented the Game Boy Pokémon titles, allowing trainers to see their roster battle in larger-than-life arenas, enhancing the Pokémon experience.

Diddy Kong Racing

Its innovative adventure mode, intertwined with racing challenges, set it apart from other racers. Players could seamlessly switch between vehicles, tackling diverse terrains and facing off against memorable bosses.

Mario Party

Each board presented unique challenges, and the dynamic mini-games added layers of unpredictability. The joy of victory, or the anguish of a stolen star, made each round of Mario Party an emotional roller coaster.

Perfect Dark

A spiritual successor to GoldenEye, this FPS introduced players to Joanna Dark’s futuristic world. The game’s comprehensive campaign, combined with its intricate weapons and multiplayer options, made it an immersive espionage experience.

Wave Race 64

Apart from racing, players could perform tricks and navigate through challenging weather conditions. Its exceptional water dynamics and responsive controls made each race feel realistic, providing a genuine jet-skiing experience.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Beyond the standard swallowing ability, Kirby could now combine power-ups, leading to unique skill sets. The vibrant levels, diverse enemy designs, and charming narrative made this platformer a standout in Kirby’s adventures.

F-Zero X

The game’s sense of speed was unparalleled, and tracks with loops and twists added to the adrenaline. Competing against 29 other racers, players had to strategize and skillfully navigate to ensure victory in this fast-paced racer.

Majora’s Mask

Building on Ocarina of Time’s success, this sequel introduced a darker, more urgent narrative. The game’s repeating three-day cycle, coupled with the transformative masks, made Link’s journey in Termina a hauntingly memorable experience.

Yoshi’s Story

Each level was a feast for the eyes, bursting with color and life. Players had to strategically eat fruits, navigate challenges, and uncover secrets to restore happiness to Yoshi’s Island.

1080° Snowboarding

Beyond racing, the game offered modes where players could showcase their tricks. Its authentic snowboarding physics, combined with challenging terrains, made it a definitive title for fans of winter sports.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

This title blended traditional FPS elements with exploration and platforming. As players delved deeper into the mysterious lands, they faced off against formidable dinosaurs and enemies, making survival a thrilling